industrial marketing ability

What is industrial marketing ability messaging?

When I refer to industrial marketing ability, it’s not about the ability to market manufacturing services. I’m speaking about a message development technique that focuses on your abilities as a manufacturer. I call it the “ility” technique – you’ll see why once you read the sub-heads. Let’s review the areas you focus on when using this messaging process.


This “ility” is all about your services and products. While you are creating these messages, clearly explain the service or product you provide. This approach relates to the “Feature & Benefit” messaging process. As you detail the various features, be sure to differentiate your capabilities from competitors by promoting your strengths and advantages. Because your process is a significant part of your capability, you should promote any efficiency methods you have in place, such as ISO certification.


Of course, every customer wants a supplier to rely on. Therefore, dependability is a key “ility” message. When working on these statements, you need to cover the essential concerns of the customer. These concerns include meeting delivery schedules, quality standards, and project specifications. Your quality control process can be a key to emphasize your dependability.


It is important to remember that accountability is different from dependability. Being accountable means that you stand behind your work and contracts. Consequently, you need to promote your on-time delivery percentage, PPM rating, and any quality warranty you  offer as part of your industrial marketing ability.


Being flexible when working with customers is the ability to work with their range of requirements. These messages could include the different materials you can work with, the scope of your production volumes, and the in-house support services you provide.


As with dependability and accountability, agility and flexibility are not the same in industrial marketing ability. Agility refers to being able to meet the challenges of customers quickly. From new market regulations to rush projects, you have to be agile in helping customers deal with them successfully. When focusing on this “ility” case studies and customer testimonials are invaluable.

The importance of proofing industrial marketing ability

All of these “ilities” add up to proving your ability to serve a customer better than your competitor. While they may seem cliched, these messages are at the core of what prospects look for in a supplier. Therefore, they need to be an essential part of assuring potential customers that you will meet and often exceed their expectations.

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