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We are a group of professionals with decades of experience in business to business marketing

It is important to realize why we created Conach. The owners of Conach had worked at advertising agencies where the value of a client was based on how much they were paying. In contrast, we believe in treating all clients equally. In our agency, we treat our clients honestly, professionally, and personally. Because we focus on business to business marketing for small businesses, we keep our overhead low while offering exceptional work.

In order to accomplish these goals, we have adopted a business model similar to Design Build in construction or an OEM in manufacturing. First, we offer an extensive line of in-house services. Next, we have a team of talented professionals who share our client-focused philosophy. These subcontractors provide specific expertise in areas such as sales training and video production. As a result, we can be a valuable outsourced B2B marketing agency to our clients. Finally, it means we can make a positive impact on your business, and hopefully have some fun while we are doing it.

Paul Kowalski  |  President • Creative Director

What is a Creative Director? Paul always says it means he “directs creatively.” To clarify, this is not just a quip, but pretty close to the truth. As Creative Director, he works directly with clients to develop strategies, writes copy, designs, and illustrates for their campaigns. Further, he directs and oversees the rest of the Conach team that design and produce our clients’ material. In fact, that takes some “directing creativity.”

Making a living as an advertising professional since 1985, Paul began his career in the days of drawing tables and keylines. Because of this longevity, he brings gray hair and quite a bit of industry knowledge. His experience working with clients such as General Motors, Buick, Dow, Dow Corning, Chrysler, Toyota, DeBeers taught him a lot. Over the past three decades, he took a “backward career path” to work with small business. In addition to the experience, he continues to learn new techniques and methods to help strengthen his clients business to business marketing programs.

Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts in Design from Saginaw Valley State University. He then returned there to teach for eight years. After a few years as an adjunct professor, become the head of the Graphic Design program. While in that position, he developed the BFA of Arts Degree by restructuring the Graphic Design curriculum and established an internship program. As a result of his efforts, the enrollment in the program doubled. Of course, forging many wonderful memories and relationships with the 100’s of students he taught is the best outcome.

Spending most of his adult life in the field of graphic arts, Paul began his career at Bradford LaRiviere as a Designer/Illustrator, moving to other agencies as Art Director and then Creative Director. At the same time, he found the time to create his own comic books, develop in-house graphic design departments, and freelance his skills.

After all that time, Paul formed Conach Marketing Group with his co-owners to offer business to business marketing to small business in 2008. And having a pretty good time no matter what he was doing.

Mike Selk  |  Vice President • Art Director

You might be wondering what the difference is between a Creative Director and an Art Director. Maybe the best way to explain it is a Creative Director is the Head Coach, and an Art Director is the Offensive Coordinator. In other words, Mike executes the business to business campaigns. He works with clients on the design of their projects, quoting projects, managing the vendors, and implementing the campaign.

Mike is a graduate (and a former student of Paul’s) of Saginaw Valley State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Since graduating in 1999, he has worked in marketing and advertising. In that time, Mike served as designer, Art Director, and Creative Director at different agencies. He received Michigan Credit Union’s Blue Water Marketing award for outdoor advertising.

In addition, Mike worked as an adjunct faculty member at Mid-Michigan Community College in the Art and Design Department, teaching courses in graphic design.

Mike also has a background in fine art, as well as his passion for graphic design. As a result, his interests include 20th-century modern art and music. Moreover, he loves of the art of snow sculpting while being a member of the Saginaw County Sports Hall of Fame and Fordney Club of Saginaw County.

Dani Unrein  |  Graphic Designer • Webmaster

Though Dani wasn’t a student of Paul’s, she is a graduate of Saginaw Valley State University.  Dani works on with a wide variety of client projects. Her involvement in our business to business marketing campaigns include logos, sales material, websites, advertising, and social media.

To repeat, Dani is a graduate of SVSU, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with a second major in Communications. Her past work experience includes designer at Sport Tee Screen Printing and Embroidery and as a Graphic Designer for SVSU Athletic Media Relations.

Jeff Carpenter  |  Graphic Designer • Webmaster • Videographer

Jeff was a student of Paul’s too – are you sensing a trend? He has worked as a designer since graduating from Saginaw Valley State University with a BA in Graphic Design in 1997. And in 2010, received his M.A. in Communications & Digital Media Design. After working at various organizations and an agency, Jeff decided the life of as an independent contractor suited him best. In addition to his business, he also is an adjunct faculty member at Delta College and Saginaw Valley State University.

He brings the same passion for quality as the rest of Conach. Additionally, his expertise is a valuable addition to our B2B marketing agency.

Steve Schrage  |  Inside Sales

Steve conducts client call campaigns for our clients as part of our business to business marketing programs. He came to us after running his own business for several years.

Tim Little  |  Inside Sales

Tim has 20 years of experience in lead generation in B2b marketing. He currently conducts client call campaigns.

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Conach Marketing Group is a B2B marketing agency. Because of this focus, we have a specialty in construction marketing, industrial marketing, financial marketing, and small business marketing.