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An experienced small business marketing company

Generating new business and maintaining a steady flow of sales are just two of the small business marketing challenges owners face. For this specific reason, Conach Marketing Group created our advertising agency to help small businesses meet those challenges. As a result, our affordable, customized programs and campaigns have been proven to drive sales growth with a steady flow of leads to increase opportunities and improve sales.

Complete small business marketing services

Conach is unique in the number of services we offer as an outsourced small business marketing company. In fact, with our range of services, we can truly be a single source solution to meet your sales and marketing needs. When we work with a client, we focus on the main components of business development: marketing, lead generation, and sales. It is important to realize that the integration of these three functions promotes sales growth.


Through our in-depth discovery phase, we work with you to develop a strategic plan that encompasses:

Brand | Messages | Sales territories | Target markets | Lead generation | Sales material | Budget | Metrics


Lead generation

We use several lead generation tactics for our small business clients to uncover new sales opportunities in your established markets and to break into new markets, such as:

Inside sales calls | Website blog and e-bulletins | Social media | Tradeshows | Direct mail | Publications


Sales support

Because of the sales process demands flexibility, we create a sales “toolbox” to cover the initial lead response to additional follow-up to presentation material, including:

Website | Brochures | Sell sheets | Technical sheets | Videos | Presentations


Outsourced marketing strategies for small businesses that work for you

We have structured our agency to be a cost-effective solution to meet your sales and marketing needs. To that end, we offer two options to work with us – customized projects or bundled services. Customized projects are single or grouped projects that you need to strengthen your sales and marketing program. For example, the projects could be only a website or a campaign to achieve a specific sales goal.

Because we work with small businesses, it is not surprising that the majority of our clients work with us on a monthly bundled services basis. It provides the level of service they need to have an affordable and proactive marketing, lead generation, and sales program. And this is offered at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee. The Conach team brings decades of experience in lead generation, sales, and marketing to help you grow your business. When you engage with us as a bundled services client, you receive:

  • A team of experienced marketers, designers, writers, salespeople, videographers, and webmasters
  • An outsourced team working to grow your business for an affordable monthly fee
  • A customized plan and budget for a lead generation and sales program to manage cash flow
  • Prioritized projects with the flexibility to react to unplanned opportunities at no additional cost
  • A team focused on moving projects forward, implementing campaigns, managing vendors, and bringing new marketing ideas to the table
  • Scheduled meetings to maintain progress on current projects and address any new ones
  • No additional charges for our services beyond the monthly fee we agree on
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A Saginaw Michigan advertising agency, Conach provides an outsourced small business marketing solution. While we are located in Mid-Michigan, we work with clients across the country to deliver marketing strategies for small businesses.