Small business marketing reopening

A look at small business marketing reopening approaches

As states and communities begin to reopen, it will not be business as usual. There will be faster and slower returns to normalcy, or at least what that will be as dictated by COVID-19. Employees and customers will be happy to have you back, but also anxious about their health and the future of your business. When you think about your small business marketing reopening approach, consider these factors:

Be Concerned

While the small business marketing reopening needs to focus on getting revenue back into your business, it needs to also reflect your concern. The concern I’m speaking about focus on the safety of your workers and customers. This is especially essential for B2C strategies. Potential customers need to feel safe in coming to your store and staff needs to be secure that you are doing all you can. Additionally, customers need to be comfortable that the service and quality will still meet the standards they’ve come to expect. Consequently, include messages as part of your small business marketing reopening.

Be inclusive in your small business marketing reopening

The COVID-19 crisis is creating a wide range of opinions, theories, mindsets, and political views. While you cannot completely control the behavior of your customers, you can control your employees’ and your reaction. The rule needs to be that personal views stop once you’re on the clock. Whether you agree with a customer or not, be courteous and helpful. After all, you never really know what are driving those opinions – and as cliched as it may have become, we really should be in all this together.

Be confident in your small business marketing reopening

With the stress we are all under, you need to operate from a place of confidence. Customers and staff need to be assured that their expectations will be met, and your precautions will promote safety. Your small business marketing reopening approach should remove any worries that you will fulfill expectations. Obviously, the COVID-19 situation will evolve and change, your customer base and workers need to know you will be agile in making adjustments to services and safety procedures.

Be proactive in your small business marketing reopening

Finally, keep your regular lead generation campaigns going during your small business marketing reopening. When you keep your brand combined with promotions, if appropriate, in front of your customer base at a regular frequency will make your return more of a success.

About the Author

Paul Kowalski (or Pappy as he is called around the office) spent over two decades working at other agencies before opening Conach Marketing Group in 2008. The early part of his career was working with Fortune 500 clients at different agencies. However, working with smaller clients was his preference. This choice was because of the impact on a client’s business growth and forming closer, personal relationships.

About Conach

When he was creating Conach, his goal was to bring those Fortune 500 strategies along with years of B2B marketing experience to small business marketing clients. As a result of focusing on business to business marketing, Conach specializes in construction marketingfinancial marketing, and industrial marketing. Even though we are in Mid-Michigan, Conach provides marketing services to clients across the country.

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