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Speak to one client at a time in construction marketing communications

When developing marketing messages, many companies take a more formal approach. In this technique, the messaging uses the company name and client rather than personal pronouns. For example, “ABC Construction provides clients with superior services” versus “We provide you with superior services”. There are many reasons to use a more personal approach when addressing potential customers. Here are a few tips on construction marketing communications.

Construction marketing communications need to connect

While all marketing messages should make a connection with prospects, it is critical in construction marketing communications. Unlike a manufacturer or retailer that sells products, when you sell a service, like construction, your client needs to feel that you are capable. The amount that an owner spends on a construction project means they need to feel your firm can do the job. Speaking in the first person makes that initial connection. And that connection is the first step in a establishing a relationship.

Establishing the essential trust

There is a perception, valid or not, that contractors are untrustworthy and unreliable. We all have friends, or personal experience, with a story about a contractor that didn’t finish a job, provided poor workmanship, or didn’t return calls. Of course, marketing can’t overcome the operational issues, but you don’t want your company to suffer from a competitor’s flaws. Construction marketing communication that speaks one-to-one, lets the potential customer know that you are focused on them and take their project personally.

You stand behind your company’s work

One of the biggest fears an owner has during a project is that if there is a problem the contractor won’t stand behind their work. When your messaging is in the first person, you promote the idea that you will back up your work. Using, “we” in place of you company name, reinforces the personal responsibility and accountability you provide. Consequently, the use of “you” instead of “our customers” strengthens the idea that you understand that the owner’s personal investment and involvement in the project.


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