industrial marketing e-campaign

Establishing an effective industrial marketing e-campaign

Often lead generation activities uncover prospects that express interest in your products or services but don’t have an immediate need. An industrial marketing e-campaign can be a powerful way to maintain a connection with potential customers and current customers. While these campaigns can be part of a salesperson’s responsibilities through a CRM system, this approach usually works best once a relationship is established. Before a conversation begins with a potential customer, the best method is an e-campaign through a platform such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. These tools allow you to develop creative and engaging e-blasts with multiple topics.

Frequency of industrial marketing e-campaign

Generally, I recommend a monthly or bimonthly schedule. However, a higher frequency may be appropriate if your company has several product lines or service divisions. In this case, weekly e-blasts focusing on a different product or service could work. This tactic would be especially effective if you can divide your database into separate lists that you send target e-bulletins. You can implement this type on target industrial marketing e-campaigns easily through these platforms. Also, these platforms make managing lists and reviewing activity easy.

Purchasing lists

If you haven’t developed an e-mail list of prospects or want to be more aggressive in your business development, you could purchase an e-mail list. There are several companies that sell these lists. When buying these lists be sure you qualify it by using SIC or NAICS codes and factors, such as annual sales, number of employees, square footage, geography, or credit score. Finally, you must be certain it is an opt-in list. Opt-in means contacts have agreed to receive e-mails. Of course, you can grow your lists by adding prospects from call campaigns or trade shows.

Industrial marketing e-campaign topics

Determining frequency, signing up for an e-marketing platform, and preparing lists are all relatively simple compared to coming up with topics for the industrial marketing e-campaign. When we run this strategy as part of a client’s lead generation program, we use several approaches for topics. If you have a blog on your website, a portion can be used in an e-blast to drive website traffic. Other topics could be product or service spotlights, introducing new products or services, or announcing company events. Keep in mind, a mix of informational and selling e-blasts work best to keep recipients’ interest.

Integration with other campaign

An industrial marketing e-campaign can also integrate with other marketing components to enhance overall effectiveness. As stated, using blogs can improve web traffic. Tying it to your social media can increase followers. You can use e-blasts to drive visitors to your trade show booth and then use it to follow up with those visitors. Also, don’t forget to have a sign-up form on your website to promote your e-campaign and grow the list.


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