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Structuring construction marketing messages

When creating construction marketing messages, you need to consider both the content and the structure. The content hit the key points that attract, connect, and influence prospects. There are several message development techniques that you should utilize. Let’s look at those methods.

Unique Value Proposition

Your unique value proposition (UVP) encapsulates how your product or service benefits the potential customer and your company should be chosen over your competitors. Most often, your tagline presents the UVP while advertising and sales expound on it. Generally, a prospects attention span is short, and getting shorter. Because of this fact, your UVP or slogan needs to be short and memorable while getting it’s point across. The UVP is the first step in construction marketing messaging structure.

Feature and Benefit

The Feature and Benefit method highlights specific features of a service or product while emphasizing its benefits. Generally, the common mistake in developing these construction marketing messages is focusing only on the feature. You must always tie the benefits to the feature of the product. In fact, never assume that the potential customer will know the benefit the feature offers. This technique can be used to compare and contrast with competitors to differentiate your company.

Pain Point and Relief

This construction marketing messaging develops solution-based messages to alleviate a prospect’s problems. Also called solution messages, I prefer Pain Point and Relief. The reason is because it places the emphasis identifying the pain not just presenting the solution. While one of the fundamentals of marketing is solving a customer’s problem, but that solution should clearly connect to an issue.

Decision Drivers

Drivers provide key reasons that help prospects to decide to work with your company. Decision Drivers could focus on cost, quality, deadline, experience, or process. Consequently, that there are a wide range of drivers and will differ for each influencer or decision maker. When developing these messages, evaluate each of these people and create construction marketing messages for them.

Objection Counterpoints

While objections take place during the sales process, understanding them allows you to include construction marketing messages that counter them in your lead generation channels. This tactic helps to pre-sell and enhance the answers you have to counter arguments against choosing your company. Of course, being able to overcome objections is key to being awarded the project. You sales team need to be armed with these messages at the ready to convince decision makers you are the right choice.

Proof Statements

Finally, proof statements validate your other construction marketing messages through third party testimonials and case studies. By providing these messages you prove all the wonderful things you say about your company with third party endorsements and facts.

Bringing construction marketing messages together

Now that you have your construction marketing messaging, you need to incorporate them into your sales and marketing program. You can organize them into two categories: Company and Target Market. Company messages focus on the overall information and advantages you offer every customer. Target Market hone statements that apply specifically to individual targets. When you have this arsenal of messaging, you will be in a stronger position to win the project.

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