financial marketing satisfaction selling

Financial marketing satisfaction selling

In my last two blogs on financial marketing, I wrote about solution selling and influencer selling. In this article, I will address financial marketing satisfaction selling. While this may sound strange since it is usually a customer that satisfaction is associated with, not a prospect. However, it is crucial that you let potential customers know that you have a record of satisfying customers. That is the reason you need to focus on selling satisfaction in financial marketing.

Be prepared to sell satisfaction financial marketing

To begin with, you need to load your “satisfaction arsenal.” How do you accomplish that feat? By looking at three areas that most of my financial marketing clients hadn’t. First, review how your firm backs up your services. If you have workmanship warranties in place, promote them. Next, consider which of your clients would be willing to act as a referral or give a testimonial. Finally, develop several case studies to show how you solved the issues of your clients. And when you divide these into the target markets you serve, you add extra punch to the message.

Satisfaction messaging proves your advantages

The financial marketing satisfaction selling techniques mentioned above afford you with many marketing benefits. When you offer guarantees, warranties, or policies that assure prospects that you will support your work, it improves the peace of mind in your services. Because endorsements are from third parties, they are more potent than you touting your strengths. Examples of solutions you provide clients highlight your experience and expertise.

Where to use satisfaction financial marketing

Of course, selling satisfaction takes place in the sales process. As you meet with potential customers, your referrals, case studies, and policies at the ready. However, one-to-one interaction isn’t the only way to utilize these tools. Create areas on your website for visitors to discover and highlight them in sales material. Because marketing should permeate your entire firm, be sure you educate your staff in these messages. By informing them, you build a culture that helps sell your services and focuses on satisfying clients.

The culmination of these financial marketing messaging techniques

When you combine influencer, solution, and satisfaction financial marketing messages, your lead generation, and sales program becomes truly powerful. These messages help differentiate your firm from competitors. In addition, you promote a multi-level strategy that hits a range of key decision drivers. Also, prospects are given multiple reasons to trust your services.

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