millennial industrial marketing

Adjusting strategy for millennial industrial marketing

Anyone conducting sales and marketing for manufacturers must consider the emerging market of millennials. People born between 1981 and 1996 are considered Millennials. This group was born into a technological world, growing up with technology and its ongoing development. They use more marketing channels than preceding people in their positions. Because of this trend, your millennial industrial marketing strategy must be able to fit multiple sales and marketing material, channels, and platforms.

Attracting prospects in millennial industrial marketing

Millennials are the first adopters of new tech and media. Agility and using multiple lead generation channels is critical to stay ahead of competitors in millennial industrial marketing. Millennials tend to visit a company’s social presence first and will visit your website if intrigued. If your website looks dated, not mobile-friendly, or do not integrate with your social media networks, Millennials will view your company as out-of-touch and move on to a competitor.

Engagement in millennial industrial marketing

Adjusting your marketing messaging to work on social media, webinars, instructional videos, sales sheets, trade shows, or sales presentations is essential. Unlike prior prospects, Millennials don’t want a product or service messaging to be only written text. They want photos, graphics, and most importantly, videos to demonstrate why they should purchase it. The highest level of engagement with Millennial audiences is through a visual demo. Therefore, a product interaction or videos at trade shows will bring in enthusiastic Millennial decision makers.

Be cautious not to get mired in the “what we always did” approach to sales and marketing. Change is always a part of the manufacturing world, so be sure your tactics for effective millennial industrial marketing keeps up.



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