industrial marketing transitions

Navigating industrial marketing transitions

Every manufacturing business encounters changes over the years. Whether it’s as simple as new staff or a major facility expansion, your customers and the market should know. This blog will discuss the factors you need to consider when sending communications about industrial marketing transitions.


Industrial marketing transition messaging

Above all, the message regarding industrial marketing transitions needs to be positive. Even if the news is negative, try to convey it in a way that assures customers, vendors, and prospects that your company is solid to counter any concerns. Be clear in your message to avoid confusion but be sure you are not sharing confidential information, especially if the transition involves other businesses. In some cases, it might be wise to have your attorney review the message before sending it.


Getting the message out

Depending on the importance of the industrial marketing transition, you might need to engage several of your marketing and communication channels to get the word out. If it is a significant change, such as closing a segment of your business, I recommend using multiple communication channels in the communication plan. This approach would include personal e-mails, letters, social media, website announcements, and e-bulletins. If the news is less significant, posts on social media may be enough.


The frequency of the message

In addition to the channels to use, consider how often you need to send the message about the industrial marketing transition. As with the channels, the critical nature of the change will dictate the frequency you reach out to your audience. For major transitions, I recommend a minimum of three communications to ensure your recipients get the message. Remember, we are all bombarded with e-mails, social media, and direct mail daily. Once is not enough to communicate critical news about your company.




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