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Pointers for financial marketing presentations

Whether you are a natural salesperson or uncomfortable when speaking to groups, understanding the best practices of financial marketing presentations will help you be successful. This blog provides tips to create and make effective presentations.



There are multiple products available to develop financial marketing presentations. The grandaddy is PowerPoint, followed by Prezi, Focusky, Intuilab, Mikogo, Showpad, and Presentia. There are two factors in deciding the software you want to use: your technical capabilities and the type of presentation you want to make. While many of the newer presentation tools claim to be easy to use, check the reviews to determine if it is user-friendly. Since PowerPoint was first, it has been relatively easy to use, especially if you know Microsoft Word. However, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the latest products. That brings up factor #2; do you need the animation and special effects in your presentation? Remember, the point of a sales presentation is to support the presenter, not be a video that replaces the salesperson. There is a risk that an audience can get lost in the animated features, lose the message, and not build a relationship with the presenter.



When building the content for your financial marketing presentations, your sales material is the first place to look. If your sales and marketing material has the correct messaging, you should be able to pull from this source. Once the content is ready, you can focus it more on the prospect company. Be sure to highlight services and advantages that the potential customer needs. As you build the presentation, keep the text in bullets rather than paragraphs – more on that later.



Choose the graphics wisely for your financial marketing presentations. They need to enhance the message, not detract from it. While stock photos can help make a point, cutesy cartoons can be viewed as unprofessional and lessen the image of your firm and presenter. As with all marketing, presentations must carry your brand to reinforce your firm’s capability and trustworthiness. 


Making financial marketing presentations

As promised, let’s start with the reason for using bullet points instead of text blocks. There are several. First, the point of making financial marketing presentations is for you to converse with the audience, not simply read text from the presentation. The bullets, as well as the graphics, act as reminders of the points you want to make. The presenter needs to speak to the audience to build connections and relationships. Also, it provides opportunities for the audience to ask questions. In fact, including a question at the end of each slide or the end of the presentation can encourage this discussion. By incorporating this approach, you can answer questions and discover the issues or drivers that the audience has that you can provide solutions to remedy.



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