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Are you helping your industrial marketing distributors sell?

Establishing an industrial marketing distributor network is one thing, helping them sell your product is another. The marketing support program you establish needs to accomplish three primary functions:

Generate a steady flow of opportunities

Build market recognition of your product

Provide the tools required to close the sale

This support system is critical if your distributors carry competing products to give you an edge. Let’s breakdown the three primary areas of the industrial marketing distributors’ program:

Gathering and sharing leads

Often distributors are lack in lead generation leads and wait for the customer to come to them. As the OEM, you need to engage a proactive lead generation campaign that directs leads to your distributors. Components of this campaign could be inside sales calls, e-bulletins, advertising, trade shows, social media, Internet marketing, or direct mail. When leads come in, you can sparse them out to distributors geographically.

Building brand awareness

By strengthening your brand in the marketplace, you make it easier for distributors to sell your products. The marketing messages in your brand can also pre-sell your products as part of the industrial marketing distributors program. With strong brand awareness, potential customers ask for it when contacting distributors.

Industrial marketing distributors’ sales material

Distributors need an inventory of sales material to promote your products. The material could include brochures, technical sheets, target market brochures, or videos. It may also include dealer store displays or posters that highlight your product line. Your website could incorporate a dealer portal, allowing distributors to order products and parts, download sales material, or watch training videos. Your website can also feature a dealer map that helps customers locate the one nearest to them.


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