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Without financial marketing cross selling you’re missing sales

Your marketing program needs to include financial marketing cross-selling, or you are leaving potential sales on the table. It’s a common mistake to believe your clients know all the services your firm offers. By cross-selling, I don’t mean listing all your services on your website. Cross-selling occurs when every part of your sales and marketing program reminds clients and potential customers of your entire line of services. Here are some examples of how you can incorporate cross-selling into your program.

Spreading the cross-selling message in sales material

Sales material is another financial marketing cross-selling area that firms miss but is essential to its success. For example, you might have material on specific services, such as estate planning or payroll. Even if the prospect is interested in one area, there is value in informing them that you also offer accounting, business valuations, or succession planning. Again, you never know what else the prospect might need. If you use individual service material, add a brief description of the other services on the back cover. If you are working with a single sell sheet promoting a specific service, list the services near the signature of the sheet. Both methods will help with cross-selling.

Proactive cross-selling campaigns

To be proactive in financial marketing cross-selling, develop a schedule to send service highlight e-bulletins to your current customers and prospect list. This tactic keeps you in the mind of potential clients and reminds customers of everything you offer. Also, remember to include a meeting request in each e-bulletin. While we’re discussing one digital marketing channel, don’t forget to post “did you know” messages highlighting services on your social media platforms.

Financial marketing cross-selling during presentations

Let’s say you are presenting to a non-profit for your audit services. While that specialty may be the focus, be sure to at least mention everything you provide. After all, you never know what else they might need or be able to refer your firm.


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