construction marketing assessment

End of the year construction marketing assessment

As we closeout 2022, you need to consider a construction marketing assessment. This evaluation will help you to determine what has been effective and what areas need to be addressed.  Here are the areas to review:

The construction marketing assessment of your plan

When evaluating your marketing strategy, you need to analyze your markets, your budget, your lead generation channels, and your team to implement the plan. If any of these areas are not performing to meet goals, adjust for next year. Now that you have the big picture, you can focus in on some of the details.


Most construction clients have had their brand for the years. This consistency is fine unless it is outdated. Keep in mind that your brand consists of your logo and message. When conducting your construction marketing assessment, you need to consider both in your brand. If these two elements no longer reflect who you are as a construction provider, it’s time to refresh your brand.

Lead generation

As a lot of construction lead generation is awareness building, it can be difficult to pinpoint which channels are producing quality leads. It is a cumulative effect. However, with some analysis, you should be able to determine during your construction marketing assessment if you need to shift funds within your lead gen program.

Marketing material

After you get a lead, you need to convert it to a sale. The first step is usually sending or presenting sales material or the prospect visiting your website. During the construction marketing assessment, review your library of sales material to be sure it is current. Add any new services or project case studies to strengthen its effectiveness.

Sales and marketing team

In most construction firms, your sales team can wear many hats, from owner to project manager. When conducting the construction marketing assessment, consider where best way to utilize each team members’ strengths. For example, the owner may be better at networking events, while a project manager might be stronger making a bid presentation


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