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End of year industrial marketing analysis

With the end of 2022 fast approaching, it’s time for your industrial marketing analysis. Think of it as quality control for your business growth. Let’s go through the areas you should evaluate.

Your marketing strategy

With the complexity of a marketing plan, an industrial marketing analysis is essential. When evaluating your marketing strategy, look at the big picture and then drill down to the details. Areas you need to analysis are the markets you will target, your budget, the tactics or channels, and the team to implement the plan. Ask yourself if each area is working, and if not, adjust the areas that need to be fine-tuned.

Industrial marketing analysis of your brand

Several of the manufacturers I’ve worked with rarely considered their brand over the years. However, ignoring your brand can be detrimental to your growth. After all, it is the first impression you make on a potential customer. Your brand is not just your logo, it consists of your image and message as well. When doing an industrial marketing analysis, remember the image is a combination of your logo and the layout of your marketing material. Consider if it still reflects your company or needs an update. Does your messaging need a refresh to include new benefits, services, products, or technology? If so, make the revisions to put your best foot forward.

Lead generation and sales

While it can be difficult to track lead generation tactics in an industrial marketing analysis, it is necessary to make the effort. If individual channels are not producing, shift funds to better performing tactics. Also, consider a campaign to current, and past customers to solicit more bids. After you get a lead, you need to convert it to a sale. Analysis your sales material and sales team to make any adjustments to improve effectiveness.

Your team

An industrial marketing team needs more than just salespeople. Ownership and key managers will need to strategize to set goals and establish the plan. Next, you will need an in-house staff or an outsourced supplier to implement the program. Finally, your sales team comes into play. In your industrial marketing analysis, consider where best to place and utilize these people to take the most advantage of their strengths.

Industrial marketing analysis result

The goal of your industrial marketing analysis should be a better plan. As you assess your marketing plan look at your goals both short and long-term. If you have a sound program, you should see new business in the first several months, depending on your sales cycle. However, the real payoff comes over time. Marketing has a cumulative effect. The more potential customers you connect with, the more your sales will build over time.


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