industrial marketing white papers

Industrial marketing white papers

While white papers have been a longstanding tool in industrial marketing, they are becoming increasingly essential. Industrial marketing white papers tick off many factors on the lead generation checklist. First of all, a white paper highlights your industry knowledge and establish you as an industry expert. This factor is essential when prospects are new to a decision making position. Younger, less experienced purchasers will look to a supplier with the expertise to assure they are making the best choice. In other words, you can help them look good. Papers are a perfect fit with the rise in content marketing and its emphasis on copy that informs instead of sells. However, white papers have changed over the years. With that in mind, review the factors when developing your white papers.

The length of industrial marketing white papers

The days of a 20-30 page white paper evoked images are long gone. People are busy and their attention span has suffered because of it. Millennials and younger are looking for quick, direct information. Today, a white paper under ten pages is preferable. In general, a four to six page industrial marketing white paper can be highly informative and still be well written. 

Make it a good read

The better the read your industrial marketing white paper, the better the response on several levels. First, it will hold the reader’s interest. Next, it will reflect well on your skill as a writer and an approachable supplier. Finally, the more readers like the paper, the more they will want to read, thereby increasing the potential for leads.

Information over selling

Most often, the biggest mistake in writing an industrial marketing white paper is turning it into a sales piece. Of course, the purpose of a white paper is to get leads. However, you need to resist selling messages and allow your knowledge to act as the sales approach. If your white papers are indeed full of valuable info, you will have the opportunity to make a sales pitch.

Target your message and topic

Your industrial marketing white paper should be targeted to a specific audience. The more general the topic goes hand-in-hand with a less qualified the lead. For example, rather than “Stamping Quality Parts,” use “Stamping Low Volume Parts Cost Effectively for the Transportation Industry.” When you apply this technique, you target a specific market and a key decision driver. 

Brand your industrial marketing white paper

Now an industrial white paper might seem like a report, but it shouldn’t look like one. After all, it is a tool in your marketing program, just like a brochure, website, or video. Consequently, it needs to reflect your company brand as well as be well written and educational.

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