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What makes construction lead generation different?

After working with construction clients for over two decades, I have learned that construction marketing lead generation is a different animal. While you uncover opportunities regularly in B2B lead generation campaigns for manufacturers or accountants, it is unlikely you’ll contact an owner just when they are thinking about a new building or addition. Does that fact mean you shouldn’t engage in lead generation if you’re in construction? Of course not. However, you need to understand the following to see the return on your lead generation efforts.

Awareness in construction lead generation is vital

Often in my blogs, I stress the importance of direct marketing over awareness marketing. In spite of that assertion, awareness is actually more important in construction marketing lead generation. Because the likelihood of your timing being perfect (though I have seen it happen) on a construction prospect, you need to build brand awareness. Consequently, your company will come to mind when an owner is looking for a contractor.

Differentiation in construction lead generation is critical

While it would be fantastic if you were the only construction provider conducting a lead generation campaign, it’s not the reality of the situation. Your competitors are trying to grab the same leads as you. As most owners see the building of the project as something most contractors could perform, why should he choose you? Now you see why differentiating yourself from the competition is so important. You need to give owners reason to award you the project that go beyond the services you provide. The benefits of working with you have to be more than meeting the project specs.

Focus in construction lead generation is crucial

The most successful construction marketing lead generation campaigns I’ve created, have focused on one market at a time. Yes, you are constructing a building no matter the market. In spite of that commonality, each market has its own concerns. You need to prove to prospects that you are an expert in that market and can solve its unique challenges.

Patience in construction lead generation is essential

Above all, be patient with a construction marketing lead generation campaign. It might yield results more slowly and over a greater length of time than other B2B marketing but consider the return. While a manufacturer could sell equipment of systems for several thousands of dollars, a construction project is most often in the millions. You can afford to be patient. Plus, the longer the campaign the more projects will fill your schedule.

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Paul Kowalski (or Pappy as he is called around the office) spent over two decades working at other agencies before opening Conach Marketing Group in 2008. The early part of his career was working with Fortune 500 clients at different agencies. However, working with smaller clients was his preference. This choice was because of the impact on a client’s business growth and forming closer, personal relationships.

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