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Industrial marketing program review

With all the new guidelines and procedures that need to be in place regarding operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to pay attention to the other areas of business. For example, reviewing your industrial marketing program. As we start to get back to business, consider the following areas.

The image of your industrial marketing program

The image of your company is a combination of the logo and appearance of your sales and marketing material. Each of these areas need to present your correct identity. And this identity may have changed over the years. No matter how fond you are of your logo, brochure or website, don’t hold onto it if it feels dated. Now is the time to compare it with competitors’ material. Remember as you conduct your industrial marketing program review, your image is the first chance you have to say something about your company to a prospect – and it better be the right one.

The message of your industrial marketing program

In addition to your, image, your messaging is just as critical. Even if you have a shiny, new image, presenting messages that no longer fit can hurt you in winning contracts. When you review your messaging, be certain it covers everything you offer, from the advantages you deliver to any new technology or processes. Because the world according to COVID-19 will be even more competitive, your messaging needs to be better than ever.

The return on your industrial marketing program

The uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 crisis will extend for the foreseeable future. Because of this situation, review where you are spending your marketing dollars in your industrial marketing program. Consider where you should shift those dollars to get a better return.

For example, trade shows that you regularly attend may not be a viable lead generation channel. Consequently, you might want to update your website or develop a series of videos to promote via social media.

The future of your industrial marketing program

Finally, consider where you are going with your industrial marketing program. While you might have grown steadily serving your current markets, now could be the time to expand into new ones. For instance, ventilators and PPE supplies should be in demand for a while. Even if you’ve never worked in those industries, you may be able to offer products or services that help you grow or level out periodic sales peaks and valleys.

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