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Time to review your construction marketing program

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, business needs still needs to move forward. If you are shut down or seeing a slow down because some projects have been put on hold, now is the time to review your construction marketing program. In order to help you get started, ask yourself the following questions.

Is your construction marketing program presenting the best image?

Fist of all, take a look at your identity. When you evaluate the image you send into the world, be honest. Even a legacy logo can be doing more harm than good. While maintaining your brand is important, it can be detrimental if it makes your company look out-of-date. You might need to update that logo without losing its essential identity. In addition, the look of your marketing and sales material needs to reflect current design for you not to appear old-fashioned and out of touch. Remember, your image is the first impression and it better be right.

What is your construction marketing program saying?

Image delivers the visual impact of your brand, but that is not the entirety of your brand in your construction marketing program. Your messaging is also an essential part of it. Now is the time to review what your messages. Be certain that your sales and marketing text reflects who you are today. From the services to values to advantages, consider each statement and revise them if necessary. If you don’t practice target marketing (creating messages and material for the different markets your serve), this is a good time to implement it.

How effective is your construction marketing program?

While I don’t believe that you can track every project to the specific lead generation channel, you should take a hard look at what is working in your construction marketing program. Of course, all the different channels you use have a cumulative effect in growing your business. However, some tactics may not be worth the expense or effort. When reviewing your construction marketing program, divide it into two areas: awareness and direct. Awareness channels are critical to building a brand in your sales territories. Direct channels reach the owners and decision makers you want to speak with one-to-one. Both of these strategies have value, but you need to determine if it’s worth the cost.

Should you expand your construction marketing program?

The COVID-19 crisis will have significant ramifications beyond the current issues. Health care may need to renovate or expand to prepare for long-term future effects of the virus. They may also need update equipment or waiting and examination rooms to meet guidelines. Additionally, manufacturing could see an increase in certain areas, such as we are seeing in respirators and PPE supplies. If you are not working in these markets, adding them to your construction marketing program them could lead to meaningful growth.

Why is it important to review your construction marketing program?

 Finally, you might be asking why you need to review your construction marketing program. Regardless of the COVID-19 dilemma, a review of your sales and marketing activities should take place periodically. In today’s competitive world, giving the wrong impression or message can lose work to another contractor just as a higher price can. Since you take the time to keep current with the latest equipment, technology, building process, and safety practices, shouldn’t you do the same with your construction marketing program?

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