financial marketing influencer selling

Financial marketing influencer selling

Over the years, my financial marketing clients have expressed how difficult it can be to put on the salesperson hat. After all, most of the selling done in financial firms are handled by accountants not trained in sales. Other than signing up for sales training, financial marketing influencer selling techniques can help improve your performance. 


Influencer selling in financial marketing

Influencer selling requires you find the influential contacts that make or help make decisions on your services. Therefore, you must also know the level of influence of each contact and include them in the communication process. In fact, this influencer-focused approach, you minimize the chance of not including the key people in the company, and the decision drivers could convince them to choose your solution.

Financial marketing influencer selling to the individual

Influencer selling is also individual-based selling. Once you identify the different decision-makers, you need to engage them with a personal approach. This technique involves developing specific value propositions for each contact based on what you discover matters most to them. It is important to remember, that these “drivers” could be price, convenience, quality, service, or several other factors. Because drivers provide each decision-maker with what they want, you will improve your sales ability and thereby your conversion rate.

Influencer selling in financial marketing tactics

The three key actions you must take in financial marketing influencer selling

Even though you determine the key decision drivers of each stakeholder, influence selling in financial marketing doesn’t stop there. Keep these points in mind during the sales process to make a positive impression on each contact. First, tell them a story that relates to their circumstance. Next, listen to each prospect to let them know you care about their concerns. When you understand their concerns, you can present a solid solution – the heart of the sales process. Provide valuable information, without giving away your solution for free, to establish your knowledgeable and experience. Finally, and this should go without saying, make your solution realistic and then follow through on it.

Summarizing influencer selling in financial marketing tactics

In general, when you train in accounting, sales are not part of the curriculum. However, if you incorporate this influencer selling in your financial marketing program, you will become an accountant that can sell. Remember to identify all the stakeholders, address their key concerns, establish individual rapport, and provide doable solutions.

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