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Does your industrial marketing message promote you as a service business?

Traditionally, a business is either thought of as a service provider or a product supplier. However, I believe this is narrow-minded. Therefore, I believe every business needs to think of itself as a service business. Even manufacturers that stamp parts or produce equipment. Why? Because when you manufacture a product, you are performing a service by making the product. Consequently, this customer service approach needs to be in your industrial marketing message.

The result of thinking as a service business on your industrial marketing messaging 

Now don’t get me wrong; the quality of your product is essential. It must meet the requirements as promised. But more importantly, you need to foster a philosophy of service throughout your company. The reason is because without exceptional service, a quality product only meets a part of the customer satisfaction equation. By installing a “service first” attitude in your staff and promoting it in your industrial marketing messaging, you will build a respected brand. 

Your company

From time to time, I have worked with manufacturing clients that only focus on the production of a part or equipment that meets their standards. By not focusing on service as well, you have placed all your sales and marketing eggs in one basket. When you instill a philosophy of delivering outstanding service in your team, you will see many benefits. These results include winning more bids because the sales process is more thorough and not always having to be the lowest bid to win the contract. When service is equal to the product in quality, you become a valuable supplier. When that happens, you need to include that in your industrial marketing messaging.

Your customers

The last thing any customer wants is working with a supplier that is a hassle. While your customer is looking for the part or equipment that meets their needs, they expect it to come with the service they need as well. Even an exceptional product cannot always overcome a poor service experience. When both combine to produce high customer satisfaction, the results are more repeat business and referrals, as well as better customer relationships. Additionally, the service you deliver throughout sales, production, and support makes an enormous impact on whether you keep a customer in the first place.

The benefits of being a service-focused business and using it in your industrial marketing messaging.
Your industry

Both what you produce and how you work with clients build your reputation. With a stellar reputation in the industry, your brand is enhanced and respected. Because of this status, you receive more referrals and higher recognition with associates and vendors. Remember that while reputation is earned, you should also promote it in your industrial marketing messaging, albeit humbly.

Your prospects

Now the question is how your fantastic service affects your prospects? Well, it won’t if you don’t tell them about it. Therefore, you need to stress service messages just as much as product features and benefits. While you are telling potential customers how great you are, don’t forget to let third parties join in. There is nothing more potent in industrial marketing messaging than customer testimonials. Another tool to use when promoting service is a case study. Because a study focuses on a customer’s problem and your solution, both your product and service are highlighted.

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