Industrial Marketing Digital Sales

Do you have the right tools for industrial marketing digital sales?

All manufacturers understand the need for a well-stocked toolbox. The industrial marketing digital sales tools you have available for your sales teams are just as essential. Let’s review what these materials need to cover:


  • Responding to leads
  • Building relationships
  • Establishing industry expertise
  • Presenting proposals


Print versus industrial marketing digital sales tools

Traditionally, sales material has been printed and handed out. While there is still a use for print sales tools, over the past two decades the trend has been for digital sales material. From our perspective as a marketing firm, the creation for digital material is basically the same as print. However, the way salespeople send them to potential customers today is digitally. E-mails, online filesharing platforms like Dropbox or Google, and texts are the overwhelming sales communication methods. An effective sales toolbox should contain:



  • Company Overview
  • Products or Services
  • Target Market
  • Catalogs 

Sell Sheets

  • Product or Service
  • Specification or Technical
  • Case Studies
  • Customer Lists
  • Testimonials
  • Referrals
  • Promotional


  • Online or In-person
  • Video
  • Statement of Qualifications
  • RFQ Template
  • Proposal Template


Industrial marketing digital sales tools for response

While there can be overlap between what I’m categorizing as response and presentation material, this is how the compartmentalize traditionally. Response industrial marketing digital sales material is meant to introduce your company to a lead and then nurture that relationship from prospect to potential customer. During the sales process, a combination of brochures and sell sheets either digital or print, might be employed to establish this relationship.


Industrial marketing digital sales tools for presentation

A sales presentation should reiterate what your response material says about your company, services, and products. Additionally, you should be ready to answer specific questions to encourage a request for a proposal. The tools under the Presentation list will help a salesperson accomplish this goal.


For example, a manufacturer would not want to show large products to a prospect that needs small components. Be certain you consider whether the samples are proprietary. When in doubt, it is best to ask your customer’s permission rather than risk harming the current relationship.


Fundamentals of sales tools

Essentially, industrial marketing digital sales tools must present the information to engage potential customers, while maintaining uniformity in brand and message. While these tools might constantly evolve, it is a fundamental that you maintain a sales toolbox to allow your sales force to do their job effectively. Review them periodically to assure they are updated and promoting your company as the best way as possible.




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