Industrial Marketing Teaser Campaign

The fundamentals of an industrial marketing teaser campaign

Recently, we have worked on new product launches for a couple of our manufacturing clients and the teaser campaigns were discussed. With these projects underway, I thought I would touch on some of the basics of an industrial marketing teaser campaign.

What is an industrial marketing teaser campaign

First, I guess I should explain a teaser campaign. It is a specific strategy to introduce a new product, service or location to a market. The purpose on an industrial marketing teaser campaign is to generate anticipation and build excitement by offering hints about the new offering over a set length of time. Types of campaigns can focus on an entire market segment market through awareness advertising or be a more direct, one-to-one tactic to individuals. Either way, the goal is to create a buzz in the new product launch.

How an industrial marketing teaser campaign works

Before kicking the campaign off, you need to decide on several factors. First, determine its purpose. Whether it’s introducing a new service, updating a product, or expanding into a different of sales territory, you need to focus on the purpose to decide the best way to conduct the campaign. For example, the length and timing of the campaign will hinge on when the offering will be revealed (perhaps at a trade show) or when a new rep will be working a new sales region. Next will the approach be to an entire customer base through awareness channels, such as advertisements and social media. Or it could be a direct industrial marketing teaser campaign that reaches individuals through direct mail and emails. The potential of the offering to increase sales will be a critical part of the campaign equation.

Effort, expectations and results

As with all campaigns, you will want to establish benchmarks to track its performance. These will depend on the purpose and type of campaign you run. However, you need to realize that you will get out of it, what you put into it. After all, if you run one ad or send a single email, you aren’t going to create much excitement. Frequency, as in any advertising campaign, is essential in an industrial marketing teaser campaign. Best practices indicate a 3-6 month schedule of mixed channels works well to spark interest without losing it. Creativity in the campaign is essential, both in design and message. Often, business-to-consumer tactics are employed like using humor or dropping clues about the mysterious (but beneficial) offering. Remember, the key word here is teaser. If you conduct a well planned and executed campaign, you will see the results of a successful launch.


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