customer satisfaction and construction marketing

Customer satisfaction and construction marketing

After reading the title of this blog, you may think you should switch the order of customer satisfaction and construction marketing. That marketing comes well before creating a satisfied client. And you are correct, up to a point. Certainly, marketing is a major part in finding and contracting with a new client. However, it doesn’t stop there. The corporate image your brand represents needs to carry through the entire construction process and beyond. Your team has to embody the qualities of your company in their relationship with the customer and the care they put into their work.

Service in construction marketing customer satisfaction

After working with a range of construction clients in the past thirty-plus years, I know one of the primary complaints is poor service. Now, I don’t mean the craftsmanship you put into building the project (more on that later). I’m talking about how you work with the customer. Service in construction marketing customer satisfaction relates to your response time in communications, accuracy in answers, and attention to detail. If you combine these with a personal approach to assuring the client that their best interests are foremost, you will have supported your brand and its marketing efforts.

Value in construction marketing customer satisfaction

Value-added is a prevalent term in construction. It should also be a focus in construction marketing customer satisfaction. The value you bring beyond presenting short and long-term cost savings is the care you put into the project. By thoroughly understanding the customer’s needs, as well as bringing ideas that they haven’t considered, you bring another dimension to value. Your experience may be able to reduce the client’s time or stress during the build. These are a part of value, you can’t put a price on.

Quality in construction marketing customer satisfaction

Finally, quality comes into the construction marketing customer satisfaction equation. Of course, you build with the proper material and craftsmanship to give the client a quality result. But, it goes further. Your staff and crews must reflect the quality of your brand. This approach comes through in a clean worksite, neat attire, and a professional manner. When you combine these factors, your customer will not only say you built a quality project, you also are a quality company.

Bringing it full circle

When I started this blog, I mentioned the order of customer satisfaction and construction marketing. Honestly, I don’t see it as a linear progression of marketing, lead generation, sales, and project. It is circular. It’s a closed-loop that promotes your brand in lead gen campaigns and sales process to be supported and enhanced by staff and crew throughout the project.


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