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Construction marketing strategy in challenging times

To say we are living through unprecedented times is certainly an understatement. But we will get through them. During the current COVID-19 crisis, all business owners must take steps to safeguard the business, its employees, and respective families. This concern is only right and natural. However, as you are looking after the health of your workers and your family, don’t forget the health of your business. Now you shouldn’t develop messages or ads that take advantage of the anxiety people are experiencing. Be as positive and responsible as possible in your construction marketing strategy. Please consider the following points:

Maintaining awareness in construction marketing strategy

Your messaging needs to express your concern for safety, detail your policies, and letting people know that you are still operating.

If you are considered critical essential and you are still working on projects, let it be known. In a time of uncertainty, the last thing you want is a question about your company’s stability.

Internal communication in construction marketing strategy

While outbound messages are critical at this time, communicating to your staff and crews is also vital. Publish and email your COVID-19 policies regarding your workers and worksites. This action will help assure crews, visitors, and customers that you have a plan to keep people as safe as possible.

Support in construction marketing strategy

While considering customers and employees, remember that trusted trades need to have confidence that you are still in operation. Including them in your communications will offer that assurance, while demonstrating the importance of your relationship with them.

Normalcy as part of construction marketing strategy

Finally, keeping your brand as a presence in the community helps enhance a sense of normalcy in uncertain times. When so many factors of life are uncertain, knowing a trusted contractor is there, and will be there, goes a long way to help your community.

Crisis construction marketing strategy

So stay the course. Now is not the time to duck and cover. It is time to keep your brand in your community for the good of your business. This can be through social media if more costly awareness channels are not feasible now. As critical as maintaining recommended safety measures, following a crisis construction marketing strategy is essential. If handled correctly, your staff, customers, community, and prospects will remember the strength and caring showed when we get through the pandemic.

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