Construction Marketing Strategic Storytelling

Strategic Storytelling in Construction Marketing

Storytelling isn’t just for entertaining – it’s an essential part of the sales and marketing process. Because telling stories is an ancient form of communication, it connects people. It is a way to inform people on a personal level that goes beyond the facts of the project. Using this technique allows you to relate examples of similar projects to illustrate your experience. When you incorporate construction marketing strategic storytelling into the sales process, you prove all your other marketing messages. As you use storytelling in your sales method, be sure to consider these three factors:

Relating to the prospect

To succeed in sales, you need to establish a relationship with the owner. Construction marketing strategic storytelling offers a way to do this while highlighting your expertise. During the initial sales meeting, focus on discovering the concerns, goals, and requirements of the owner. When you know these key factors, you can use samples of your work that relate to them. This insight will help you in the next step of the process.

Connecting in construction marketing strategic storytelling

When you know the owner’s priorities, you can use stories or case studies that connect your expertise to them. If you’re working with a retailer, meeting a store opening deadline could be critical. In that case, tell of the number of times you’ve been able to fast track a schedule to meet an accelerated timeline. On the other hand, a manufacturer could need to know you can move heavy equipment. Or a hospital director that you can work around daily operations during renovations. Whatever the critical drivers of the principals, your construction marketing strategic storytelling needs to show your ability to address each of them.

Emphasizing the point of the story

It is important to remember that you need to maintain focus during strategic storytelling. Unlike a sales presentation, relating a case study is more conversational in its approach. After all, the prospect could break in with comments or questions. When these interruptions occur, you need to keep the focus on the point of the story for compelling strategic storytelling in construction marketing. In other words, no matter where the conversation goes, return to points that highlight your strengths. 

Focusing on strategic storytelling in construction marketing 

It has long been a tenant of sales that you need to connect with the prospect. At one time, this was achieved by finding a hobby or interest you share with the potential customer. However, that era has passed. In fact, prospects don’t have the time to chit chat about golf or woodworking today. Strategic storytelling in construction marketing always has to promote your advantages, experience, or expertise. Keep in mind that strategic storytelling must be factual stories. Besides, if you can use stories that have clients that will act as referrals the owner can contact, you now have a third-party endorsement.

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