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B2B Sales Management Tips

The B2B sales manager of a small business is often the owner and acts as both a salesperson and a manager. However, if you are an owner that has salespeople, you know you face many challenges. This fact can be especially true if you don’t have a proper understanding of the B2B sales management process. In order to help you establish a sales management program, the following are a few useful tips. 

Focus on activity volume AND quality in B2B sales 

First, sales growth is a numbers game. It is based on the quantity and quality of sales activities. 

It’s great if your businsees to business sales team makes hundreds of prospecting calls daily. But the efforts will not produce satisfactory results if the companies that they contact do not need your services or products. Consequently, maintaining a balance between volume and quality of work is crucial. If you’ve done your homework and developed a targeted list of potential customers in the strategy phase, this shouldn’t be a problem. For a highly efficient sales team, you need a combination of high sales activity as well as quality to produce new sales. 

Set individual sales objectives for B2B sales

To ensure effective B2B sales management, you must set specific sales objectives for each sales team member. Be sure that everyone understands their role, the targets they are to meet, and the rewards or consequences tied to them. Because of this alignment, you will be able to measure individual performance over time. This data will help you not only manage a sales team but also build a stronger one.

Use a set of metrics to track overall B2B sales performance

You should also develop a set of performance metrics to keep track of your total sales growth. This activity will help you stay on top of the volume of your B2B sales activity, quality of work being produced, and new sales. After all, you need to know if you are hitting sales goals for the company as well as individual salespeople. I would recommend obtaining feedback from the sales team on these metrics. This collaboration will help you and your team focus on realistic and achievable objectives for your business.    

Overall, B2B sales managers should acknowledge and reward excellent performance while holding individuals on the team accountable. When you follow these B2B sales management tips, you can cultivate a culture of excellence in your sales force. 

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Paul Kowalski (or Pappy as he is called around the office) spent over two decades working at other agencies before opening Conach Marketing Group in 2008. The early part of his career was working with Fortune 500 clients at different agencies. However, working with smaller clients was his preference. This choice was because of the impact on a client’s business growth and forming closer, personal relationships.

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When he was creating Conach, his goal was to bring those Fortune 500 strategies along with years of B2B marketing experience to small business marketing clients. As a result of focusing on business to business marketing, Conach specializes in construction marketing, financial marketing, and industrial marketing. Even though we are in Mid-Michigan, Conach provides marketing services to clients across the country.

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