We have worked with several technology-focused companies providing software and technology marketing. From software developers to IT providers, we have learned that it is important not to get lost in the detail of the applications and networking. After all, it is still people that are making the purchase decision. Your messages need to speak to the different decision makers because there may be several. When you use this strategy, you to alleviate their concerns and prove the value of your product. Just as your applications and network are integrated, your sales and marketing program needs to present a unified message and brand. While we develop the elements of your program in-house, we also work with a network of skilled professionals who specialize in their various fields. Because of this approach, we can implement your project or program cost-effectively and gain results more quickly.

Software and technology marketing clients we have worked with in our career:

  • Aperion CallPath
  • BCN Services
  • BS&A Software
  • Initech
  • Gippeto Pro
  • Medorizon
  • PeoplePlus Software
  • Saphran
  • Strategic IQ (SiQ)

Conach Marketing Group works with clients throughout the Midwest and the USA,  even though our office is located in Saginaw Michigan. Our small business agency provides business to business marketing and sales services for construction, financial, technological and industrial marketing clients.

Conach Results: “The results speak for themselves – annual sales goal was met within the first seven months, and the entire program was paid for within the first 12 months.”

“Everyone here at SiQ would like to thank you for your support over the last couple years. We have appreciated working with you and your team, and believe that we have reached this next level in our business growth and development as a result of your help.”