Out software and technology marketing case studies

Because of the services we provide software and technology clients, we have several success stories. Here are a few software and technology marketing case studies broken down by the goal of the campaign:

Goal: Develop new marketing material and conduct a campaign to new prospects

A Chicago medical billing software development company had to move fast to promote its software upgrades for new federal regulations. Because there was no marketing program for this product, we had to work quickly. We were able to develop sales material, update their website, prior to starting a prospecting call campaign. Despite the accelerated schedule, Conach was able to complete the projects. As a result of our efforts, there was an average of 12% response during the six-month prospecting call campaign. When all the challenges were considered, the client was pleased with the initial sales from the launch of the software.

Goal: Upgrade a corporate image and develop a marketing program to approach out-of-state prospects

A software development company providing software financial management and community development suites was ready to move beyond their home state. With our strategic partner, we began working on a coordinated sales and marketing program. First, we the focus was on an upgraded brand and new messaging. Second, we were able to complete the sales material, trade publication advertising, trade show program, and direct mail. Finally, we began conducting the call campaign to out-of-state prospects. The results speak for themselves – annual sales goal was met within the first seven months, and the entire program was paid for within the first 12 months.

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Conach focuses on software and technology marketing. The result of our work for our tech-based clients are technology and software marketing case studies illustrating the success of our clients.