Our small business marketing case studies

We focus on working with small businesses. For this reason, we have dozens of case studies from our clients. The following are a few of the small business marketing case studies of the results our services have produced:

Goal: Diversification of customer base for a manufacturing supplier

A stamping company had been working mainly with GM since 1948. It contacted us to develop a plan to break into new markets and sales territories. After updating its brand, we developed a new website and sales material. Next, we then launched a call campaign and e-bulletin follow-up program targeting several new markets and geographic areas. Since beginning the program, the result is a 165% growth in sales and expanding into four new states.

Goal: Implement a sales and marketing program for a new construction company

This Texas client was starting a new concrete construction company. As with all our start-up business clients, we created a brand including logo, messages, and company image. Next was the sales material and website. With those projects completed, we next engaged the lead generation campaign consisting of prospecting calls and e-bulletins. As a result, sales had been more than enough to pay for the first year’s sales and marketing program within the first six months.

Goal: New company and product launch in the eyecare market

The client needed to launch a new product to the eye care industry. First, we developed company and product logos for the new company. Second, was moving onto the product and package design. Third, was creating the website, sales material, and advertising program. Since beginning with this client in 2014, it has grown from the initial marketing campaign to eye doctors and veterinarians in the U.S. to sell the product globally.

Goal: Update manufacturing sales material and implement a lead generation campaign

A custom parts manufacturer to Tier One and Two companies contacted us to develop a new sales and marketing material program. As the first step, we created new messaging, website, and sales material, as well as finalizing the lead generation campaign. Within the first three months of the campaign, the client had several bid opportunities from new prospects.

Goal: Implementing an industrial supplier’s first marketing program

Our client had been providing EDM services for over 60 years without ever implementing a formal sales and marketing program. Because it had no growth for the past decade, they decided it was time. We created a new logo, messaging, website, and sales material before launching the lead generation campaign. For the first time, the client had a regular flow of leads and bid opportunities producing sales growth.

Goal: Increasing sales for a custom manufacturer

Our client needed to improve sales for its custom gears, pulleys, sprockets and couplings for power transmission systems. With the brand not needing an update, we were able to jump-start the program. The sales material necessary to start a call and e-bulletin campaign were created and the campaign launched. Because of the call campaign, multiple bid opportunities were discovered, resulting in our client having to add a second shift.

Goal: Launch a new commercial roofing company

A commercial flat roofing contractor wanted to launch its own company after years of working as a subcontractor. Within the first two months of working with the client, we had developed all the components to launch the program. Its program included the brand, website, and sales material we needed to start the lead generation campaign. The lead generation campaign consisted of calls to manufacturers, organic SEO, social media, and e-bulletins. In the first four months, over a hundred leads were produced as well as a quote for a new flat roof. Additionally, the company ranked on the first page locally for the targeted keywords of flat roofing and commercial flat roofing three months after launch.

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Our advertising agency is located in Mid-Michigan, and we work nationwide providing outsourced small business marketing. Our small business marketing case studies reflect the results we have gotten for our clients.