Our industrial marketing services case studies

With decades of experience with manufacturers to grow sales, Conach has worked with over 50 industrial clients. The following are several industrial marketing case studies. The manufacturing marketing case studies are a few broken down by the goal the of our clients:

GOAL: Design a new brand and integrated program to increase leads

An Indiana OEM manufacturer needed to update their brand and develop a cohesive marketing program to increase leads and sales. This client also had a dealer network we were to include as part of the plan. The full program covered an extensive variety of sales material and multiple lead generation channels. Because of the depth of the program and campaigns, we achieved several goals. One of the first was driving significantly more traffic to the redesigned trade show booth, resulting in multiple sales during the show.

Since we began working with this client when Conach opened, their sales have grown over 300%. We also conduct call campaigns for this client who has improved their leads in targeted markets for specific product lines. In particular, one call campaign tripled websites leads, driving a sales increase of over $400,000 in five months. See Vanair testimonial

Goal: Increase leads and sales in a range of markets

An automated process system manufacturer in Michigan was working in several markets and wished to enter into others. Our program’s goal was to increase sales in their current markets and break into new ones. In order to achieve these goals, a complete program was developed. It consisted of e-bulletins, trade shows, sales material and prospecting calls.

The lead generation started garnering leads from all channels immediately. The combination of prospecting calls, e-bulletins, and direct mail result in response rates between 15% to 25% per month consistently.

At the present time, the client’s pipeline of opportunities is equal to their annual sales when we began working with them. The robust program continues to see annual sales growth of 40%+ yearly. See APEC testimonial

Goal: Generate more requests for bids.

After decades of working with a primarily automotive customer base, a CNC shop needed to increase leads in other industrial markets. To begin with, we developed a marketing plan to promote the client to the targeted markets. Next, we created a new logo and messaging. With this completed we began implementing a lead generation program consisting of prospecting calls, direct mail, e-bulletins, and a new website.

The result was a 12% response rate from new potential customers to submit bids.

Goal: Develop a proactive marketing program to increase sales in specific target markets

A Kansas manufacturer of processing equipment was restructuring their company into business units to target specific markets. In order to help them achieve this goal, we developed a new brand, and we could use as a basis for target market icons promoting each business unit. The design of new sales material and website focusing on the target markets followed.

The implementation of the lead generation campaign resulted in an over 30% response from new prospects in all the targeted markets.

Goal: Increase response rate for industry trade show visits

Working with a global manufacturer of flat roof systems, and their various sister companies, we had completed several projects. First of all, we were hired to create a tool catalog and product brochure for distributors. Second, they asked us to fully develop and design specific campaigns for their other companies, such as a plastics manufacturer and a screw manufacturer. In the end, the projects included brochures, catalogs, mailers, publication advertisements, and trade show displays.

For example, the result of one of the projects was a 9.2% increase in booth visits at a trade show to 185 from 26 the previous year. See Durolast testimonial

GOAL: Build a new brand and a proactive marketing program

A Georgia manufacturer was one of our “from scratch clients.” A new owner had bought the company. There was no formal sales and marketing plan. Its brand was old and dated. They didn’t know what markets were the best to target. With this in mind, we were to develop a complete program and a multi-level and advertising campaign. We began by conducting market research in three targeted markets. Because of the study, we could determine the best messages and markets for the campaign. Developing a mascot for the company was a unique part of the new brand. Completing this part of the program, next was a video using the animated mascot, presentations, target market brochures, and website.

Finally, came the enacting of the lead generation program. The result was a response in leads from the targeted markets of 20-40%.

Goal: Create a consistent image and improved messaging

Working with the client, an international manufacturer of machines and supplier of consumables, we were tasked with updating their image and messages. Specifically, they were experiencing an issue with engaging with potential customers. After the launch of the new brand and messaging, several sales reps reported the effectiveness of the new material.

For example, one sales representative had tried to make contact with a potential customer over a dozen times with no success. After sending this prospect the new corporate brochure we developed. Afterward, he met with the contact, resulting in the opportunity to bid on work. Over the years, the program consisted of social media, direct mail, trade publication advertising, e-bulletins, a 175-page e-commerce website, trade shows, and sales material.

One example of thinking outside of the box, was when the client asked us to develop an internal marketing campaign to motivate the sales team.  Each month, posters and emails were used showing the actual sales managers in comical situations. If the sales team reached their goal, the sales manager had to do what the graphic depicted, such as slide down a slip-n-slide. So far, the sales team has consistently exceeded sales goals every month. See Belmont testimonial

Goal: Develop a program to generate more requests for bids in low volume production

An injection mold shop with a mainly automotive customer base needed to increase leads in their low volume production services. We developed a new brand, sales material, and a lead generation program.

The result was an average 15% response rate from new potential customers requesting information or bids.

Goal: Develop a website and trade show material within three weeks

A custom machine manufacturer Was invited to share a booth with a large international customer. Unfortunately, they had no sales material. We had to develop a sell sheet and website with the show date three weeks away. Working closely with them, we were able to design and deliver printed sell sheets within ten days and have the website live within eighteen days.

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Though Conach Marketing Group is located in Saginaw Michigan, we provide manufacturing marketing to clients throughout the USA. We are pleased with the industrial marketing case studies and the growth we have helped our client achieve over the years.