Testimonials about our industrial marketing agency

Conach has been working with industrial clients for decades. As an industrial marketing agency, we have received several industrial marketing testimonials:

APEC (Automated Process Equipment Corporation) See case study

“Working with a professional marketing company can make a significant difference – I have seen it. We had taken some steps backward in our presentation material and overall image. The most compelling evidence was from comments made by some customers that made me realize that marketing was not an area where we should be cutting costs.

For this reason, we hired the folks at Conach. They were able to develop an overall plan that included all aspects of marketing. It included sales material, website, print and online advertisements, and prospecting calls. As a result, one of our reps commented that the new image made us look like a much larger company. The reactions that we have had from existing customers and prospective customers at trade shows told me that we made the right decision. Conach is the first marketing company that I have worked with that takes a comprehensive, proactive, and practical approach to spreading the word about your company.”
Terry Stemler, VP Sales

“You are wonderful to work with, and our success is proof that your methods work when you follow the plan . In other words, two thumbs up and five stars for Conach!”
Jessica Stank, Marketing Manager/Sales Assistant

Vanair See case study

“I would refer Conach to anyone. I would tell them to expect the utmost in customer service, ease in working with them, and results. Creative, strategic and responsive are the terms I would use to describe Conach Marketing.

Conach has the acute ability to listen to our needs, to create a strategy to meet our goals, and continue to establish us as the leader in our industry. Because of their expertise and experience, Conach Marketing develops and implements solutions to get us the results we need. It is so nice to call Mike and have him say “what can I do to help you with this,” and the next thing I have a solution in my inbox the next morning.”

“To point out one example, one product campaign resulted in an over $400,000 sales increase in just six months. To repeat, Conach gets results!”
Sara Tilden, Vice President Sales and Marketing – OEM Division

Belmont Equipment & Technologies See case study

“When recommending Conach, I would tell the company to expect an industrial marketing agency offering very professional service and great ideas. In fact, you can to expect new ideas even when without asking – which is wonderful. The new design and branding that Conach created for Belmont increased the impact of our sales material. Furthermore, the print and online advertising are more effective, more professional, and more eye-catching designs.”
Sarah Tenniswood, Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Midwest Mold

“Conach is very creative, offers great ideas and is very professional.”
John Hill, President

SRC Refrigeration

“Conach Marketing Group is very professional, easy to work with, and provides quick turn-around on our projects. They quickly understood our business, markets and made excellent recommendations to the new marketing message we adopted. Because of their efforts, SRC enjoyed a fresh and new approach to our marketing message. It is important to realize that we never had a common theme with unique messages for each of our markets until it was created by Conach.

If you work with Conach, I will offer this advice: After your initial meeting and a review of where you’ve been, give Conach the freedom – versus steering them – to come back with their recommendations for your marketing. You will be pleased with their ideas.”
Craig Richert, President

Duro-Last Roofing Systems See case study

“First, Paul takes the time to understand our products and manufacturing process thoroughly. Next, he uses his expertise in the manufacturing and construction industries to develop the appropriate messaging and creative approaches for projects. As a result, the marketing material designed our geomembranes, rooftop fasteners and industrial flooring products were creative and delivered results.”
Anna Hernandez, Corporate Account Coordinator

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Conach is an industrial marketing agency that focuses on B2B marketing. We have worked with over 50 manufacturing clients across the country from our office in Saginaw Michigan. We are always pleased to get industrial marketing testimonials from our clients.