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Get ready for 2024 with a technology marketing review

As we approach the new year, now if the perfect time to conduct a technology marketing review. The review will help you identify gaps in your sales and marketing activities to adjust going into 2024. Let’s look at key areas to review.


The first step in your technology marketing review is looking at your 2023 strategy. Before you simply continue last year’s marketing plan, you need to determine if it’s working. If you haven’t met goals, then you need new tactics. This adjustment could consider new markets for growth or shifting staff to areas they are better suited. While recycling the current plan is easier, an ineffective strategy won’t produce the results you want.


It is a misconception that redoing your brand will lose market awareness. If your brand has not aged well, it’s outdated image reflects poorly on your company. This is especially critical for technology firms that must look like they keep current with the latest innovations. Your technology marketing review should include your competitors’ brands to evaluate if your image stands up to theirs. This not to say you need to copy their brand, simply that your brand needs to present as strong an impact on potential clients.


While you’re going through your technology marketing review, don’t overlook your marketing messages. Ask yourself if anything has changed over the last year that needs to be revised in your sales material and website. Incorrect messaging can make your salespeople and company look careless and inattentive to detail. Not the attributes prospects are looking for in a tech supplier.


The next phase of your technology marketing review is an evaluation of your lead generation channels from 2023. These channels are constantly evolving, and new ones could be worth adding to your marketing mix. On the other hand, under-performing channels might need to be dropped or cut back.


Discussing curtailing ineffective lead generation channels is a perfect lead to the budget part of your evaluation. While altering your budget might be in order, resist the urge to cut it arbitrarily to boost the bottom line. Keep in mind that the adage “you need to spend money, to make money” is true. After all, potential clients can’t hire you if they don’t know about you. Your technology marketing review will help you discover the best ways to spend your marketing money wisely.



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