Technology Marketing UVP

Have you developed your Technology Marketing UVP?

A Technology Marketing UVP is your unique value proposition, also called a unique selling proposition (USP). This statement is often the first step in developing marketing messages. It succinctly and clearly describes the unique value you offer clients. This statement includes what benefits you bring to a project, how your product or service fulfills clients’ needs, and why customers should select your company instead of the competition. Here is what you need to know to develop your UVP.


Creating a Technology Marketing UVP

A Technology Marketing UVP is a fundamental part of a business development strategy. As such, it needs to cover several points about your business but in a brief statement. You should consider these points when creating it:


Unique: Promote the exclusive advantages of your company

Value: Tell how these advantages benefit the potential customer

Differentiation: Explain why you are the better choice over competitors.

Connection: Explain how your product or service solves prospects’ challenges.


In summary, a compelling unique value proposition helps your potential customers understand the benefits and value your company provides and why they should work with you.


Using a Technology Marketing UVP

A differentiated UVP is the basis of your marketing messages. It is used to create lead generation campaigns, in sales material, and as a tool for salespeople. If done correctly, it communicates the value of the product or service to potential customers and your staff. Promoting it internally clearly states your business’s strengths and sets the tone of how you want to treat customers to your team.


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