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It all adds up to financial marketing trust

Growing clients for financial firms involves a plethora of strategies, messaging, techniques and metrics. However, when you multiply all of those tactics, it really results in creating financial marketing trust in potential client. After all, if the prospect doesn’t believe they can trust your firm with its finances, they will never become a client. Here are some ways to foster that trust.

Building trust in financial marketing

It is a maxim that building trust is a crucial part of the sales process. Establishing that you are a trustworthy firm begins with the first contact with the potential client. All the elements in the design and text must work to project that you provide what you promise with responsiveness, quality and value. The lead generation campaign must introduce the financial marketing trust message, while your response material reinforces it.

Selling on financial marketing trust

You can’t establish trust through a hard sell or sales tricks. When you sell trust in financial marketing, it is by proving you’ve earned it through past performance. Your sales tools need to instill confidence in a prospect through testimonials, case studies and statistics that confirm your reputation and marketing promises.

Maintaining trust in financial marketing

Once you have that hard-won client, you have to provide the services as you promised. But just as crucial is maintaining that financial marketing trust. After all, it’s less expensive to keep a customer than to find a new one, and it’s the trust you gain and maintain with your clients that will keep them.


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