small business marketing cross selling

Small Business Marketing Cross Selling

Are you promoting all your products and services? Often, I have seen clients that focus on one or two products or services instead of a program of small business marketing cross selling. How do you know if you aren’t cross selling? If you feel that your customers don’t know all the products or services you offer, then you aren’t. In general, most businesses do a poor job of promoting their entire line of products or services. When I speak of cross selling, it’s not just having all your products and services on your website. Small business marketing cross selling happens when your entire sales and marketing program highlights the scope of what you offer to potential and current customers. The following are ways to implement cross selling.

The Small Business Marketing Cross Selling Signature

A signature is a tool that sums up what you offer at the end of a lead generation or sales piece. For example, if you are running a print advertisement, it needs to highlight one subject to not dilute the message. However, you can engage small business marketing cross selling by creating a closing signature that lists all your products or services. This technique promotes the entire line without drawing attention from the main message. Subsequently, you can use this same tactic at the bottom of a web page.

The Small Business Marketing Cross Selling Sales Material

Another small business marketing cross selling opportunity are your sales tools. Even if a potential customer only expresses an interest in only one product/service they might be interested in others they didn’t know you offered. Now you’ve lost the chance for additional sales or a referral opportunity. If you use individual brochures for different services or product lines, consider promoting the rest of your line on the back cover. When you use single sell sheets for a specific service or product, employ the same signature strategy you would in an advertisement.

The Small Business Marketing Cross Selling Promotion

To be proactive in small business marketing cross selling, implement an e-bulletin campaign to your current customers and prospects. Often, your customers aren’t aware or don’t remember your full service or product line. By sending monthly or quarterly e-reminders, you can see an increase in quote requests. And best of all, this tactic is both inexpensive and effective.


About the Author

Paul Kowalski (or Pappy as he is called around the office) spent over two decades working at other agencies before opening Conach Marketing Group in 2008. The early part of his career was working with Fortune 500 clients at different agencies. However, working with smaller clients was his preference. This choice was because of the impact on a client’s business growth and forming closer, personal relationships.

About Conach

When he was creating Conach, his goal was to bring those Fortune 500 strategies along with years of B2B marketing experience to small business marketing clients. As a result of focusing on business to business marketing, Conach specializes in construction marketingfinancial marketing, and industrial marketing. Even though we are in Mid-Michigan, Conach provides marketing services to clients across the country.

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