Our Residential Construction Marketing Case Studies

The Conach team has decades of experience in residential construction marketing services to grow residential sales. Working with home builders throughout the country has produced several residential construction marketing case studies. The following are several broken down by the goal of the marketing plan:

Case Study Goal: Develop a brand and flexible material to work in multiple geographic areas

Focusing on building $1 million+ custom homes, our client’s presented the homeowner with an “if you want it, we will build it” philosophy. Until now, the builder had no proactive marketing strategy. Because of this situation, we first had to create a new logo and messages. Next, we created the sales material and website with the new brand carried through the entire marketing program. As a result of the cohesive strategies and materials, the client was able to break into regions across the country.

Case Study Goal: Assist a commercial builder to launch a residential community

A commercial contractor and developer wanted to launch a residential community for commuters in both the Lansing and Jackson Michigan area. With only a name for the company and several house plans, we were able to create a corporate identity, marketing messages and advertising program that included brochures, website, direct mail newspaper, development signage, and billboard to reach commuter traffic on the busy U.S. 127 highway.

Case Study Goal: Drive traffic to a condominium development

A developer in Novi Michigan had built a 400+ unit condominium community. We were contacted because the traffic in their model/office was dropping significantly, despite working with a marketing company specializing in real estate marketing. After reviewing the current program, we suggested using a stylized and professional mascot to draw attention to their advertisements. The traffic on the weekend the first advertisement ran tripled and held steady through subsequent ads. Seeing the success of the mascot it was utilized throughout their marketing material and onsite signs. As a result, the client sold its remaining units in a matter of months.

Case Study Goal: Increase sales for a poured wall contractor

A poured wall contractor targeting homebuilders felt that no type of marketing would help them increase sales. The reason for this was that their cost was not the lowest in the market. Because of their mindset, we took it as a challenge to prove marketing works. After working through our discovery phase, we had messages to educate the builders that it was less expensive to work with them because of the guarantees they offered. The result was an increase in contracts and a 312% return on their marketing investment.

Case Study Goal: Improve brand and increase custom home sales

A Mid-Michigan, custom homebuilder needed to upgrade their corporate image to reflect the higher end homes they were building. In order to accomplish this goal, our marketing services began with creating a new logo that maintained a connection with its past while reflecting a more sophisticated company. We then developed a program that consisted of newspaper advertising, direct mail, billboards, brochures, and website. While focusing on the company, the program included specific campaigns for new developments. An example of one of the most successful elements was the “Gold Shield Promise.”  The promise was a series of guarantees to alleviate the major concerns of homeowners. This message and campaigns resulted in a 261% sales increase over three years.

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Even though our advertising agency is in Saginaw Michigan, Conach Marketing Group serves clients throughout the United States. We specialize in marketing for home builders and our residential construction marketing case studies reflect the success of our clients.