Our professional services B2B marketing case studies

We provide a variety of professional services clients with marketing services. Because of this experience, we have Conach has several success stories. Here are a few professional services B2B marketing case studies, as well as some B2C, divided by the client’s goal:

Goal: Develop a marketing program to expand nationally and into specialty markets

A security officer company was looking to expand their national services and develop divisions to target specific markets. We began by updating their brand and messaging, sales material and website, and then launched an inside sales campaign. One result came from when we were calling national headquarters, and a lead came from a large national restaurant chain. The client was able to convert the lead and is working with the restaurant chain.

Another example of the effectiveness of the campaign came during the first trade show the client had ever attended. Because of the pre-show campaign booth, many attendees were visiting the booth. One visitor was from a large international retailer. Our client is now working with that retail chain throughout the country.

Hospital security is a specialty service of the client. The client was working with a few healthcare facilities but wished to grow the service area. In order to meet this goal, we began structuring a healthcare division that coincided with the corporate brand and its own sales material. Since taking it to market with a call campaign similar to the national one, the client has secured several hospital accounts while expanding into new sales territory.

Goal: Develop a new corporate image and promotions

Needing to develop a new corporate image and advertising, a travel agency contacted us to work on the program. After establishing a new brand, we could start the work on the rest of the program. The message “For a good time, call…” was developed and displayed on a brick wall graphically. One of the results, of the program, was an increase in calls to the client and the winner of a Billboard Campaign of the Year Award.

Goal: Brand a local company to compete with big box stores.

Our client was losing business to national “big box” chains in the local office supply market. Another challenge was the multiple divisions within the company. Working with the owner and sales team, we developed a plan.

First, we created mascots to represent the various divisions. After that project was completed, we needed to develop a lead generation campaign and sales material for each division. With the program implemented, each division’s sales began to grow, continuing until the client sold the business.

Not to mention, the client reported that several customers assumed a “big box” store had bought the company because of our updates to the brand and marketing material.

Goal: Develop a marketing program to reduce costs while still reaching a national target market

An aviation insurance agency needed to continue to reach their target market across the country, while cutting their marketing budget. We started by updating all their marketing material and website. Replacing their sporadic in-house direct mail campaign using a print/mail vendor meant extending our frequency while saving the client nearly 40% in annual costs. In addition to the increase in lead activity, market awareness was building in regions the company had not penetrated.

To help set appointments in select cities we used variable data direct mail in combination with call campaigns. Variable data software was able to insert the prospect’s name of each company. To further connect with the prospect the design of the card used cityscapes of the target market. Calls were then made to the targeted companies to set up sales appointments over the four day period the representative was in the area. As a result, we began setting several meetings with prospects in each city we ran the campaign.

Goal: Develop a corporate image and sales material

A sales training consulting firm needed a corporate image and sales material. Hiring us, the first project was a new brand and message. Next, the brand was carried through to the website, sales material, and  e-newsletter campaign.  Because of the new brand and campaign, the firm filled its client base to capacity.

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Conach is a Saginaw Michigan advertising agency providing small business marketing. We work with clients across the country and have several professional services B2B marketing case studies showing our client’s results.