Our Professional services B2B marketing testimonials

Because of the range of the professional service clients we have we have a variety of testimonials. It is always satisfying to receive positive feedback from our clients. The following are a few professional services B2B marketing testimonials about the marketing services we have provided in our careers.

Weinlander Fitzhugh Certified Public Accountants and Consultants

“Conach Marketing Group provides quality and timely service, and you receive value for the fee they are charging.”
Scott Nietzke, Former Partner

Summit Learning Solutions

“Paul is the consummate professional. I’ve worked with Paul in many settings and with various shared clients. For one thing, he artfully understands what a client wants, and then delivers it on target each and every time. It is a joy to work with Paul and his team at Conach. For this reason, I look forward to many years of ‘big company’ work with ‘small company’ touch and feel.”
Brian Nixon, Owner

Sales Development

“Paul and Conach Marketing are a great value to our firm as well as many of our clients. Because they deliver talent, commitment, care and a desire to succeed, I would recommend Conach Marketing to any business looking to improve their marketing program and results.”
Daniel Kropchak, Partner

Pinc Marketing

“Conach Marketing has been a tremendous asset to Pinc Marketing. They have taken over all aspects of defining Pinc and raising our brand to a new level. We cannot thank them enough for taking such care with us and making us feel like we are their only client! As a result of the quality and service we received, I  highly recommend them to anyone. Conach Marketing is a company with integrity!”
Kathy Thomas, President

“With the changes we needed to make to Pinc Marketing’s image, we needed to hire a company that aligned with our thinking. Conach’s creative flair and tireless work ethic brought a fantastic marketing program to Pinc Marketing that resonates with our personality. After working with them, I am extremely pleased with everything that the team from Conach Marketing Group has provided us from day one!”
Mike Thomas, CFO/Vice president of Operations

Teachout Security Solutions

“Our company was at the point of expanding into different services, but not sure how to market these services without losing our identity. Conach Marketing has not only helped us in marketing these new services but gave us an identity that better informs our existing client’s to what we can offer them. The new and updated look of our company is refreshing and profitable. We could not have done it without the help of all the staff at Conach Marketing Group.”
Cindy Cherry, Former Marketing Coordinator

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Although our advertising agency is in Saginaw Michigan, Conach Marketing Group serves clients throughout the United States. We are pleased to have worked with a variety of professional services clients. The professional services B2B marketing testimonials we have received are gratifying.