Our healthcare marketing case studies

Conach Marketing Group has with a variety of healthcare clients. Here are a few Here are a few healthcare marketing case studies broken down by the goal of the campaign:

Goal: Help to grow a residency program.

A Mid-Michigan teaching hospital needed to increase the number of residents in their program. After conducting our discovery phase, we knew we had to think outside the box to get attention from the larger competitors. First, we developed a program that targeted medical students with sports-themed graphics and messages based on the residency program they had chosen to pursue. Second, came the implementation of the program. The campaign began by sending a teaser direct mail package with an interactive CD/DVD presentation and brochure. Third, a website was developed promoting the residency programs. As a result, the number of residents grew by over 10 %. In fact, the program was so effective that the hospital was able to continue it for several years with virtually no changes.

Goal: Increase participants in clinical trials.

Because of the work we had done for the teaching department of the hospital, they hired us to help with its clinical trials. For the most part, it was the same goal as the residency program; increase participant numbers. After reviewing the current program, we first suggested branding the department under which the various test programs were conducted. Because of this, the advertisements grabbed more attention. Working local media, we next to had the spots placed in better drive times and with more frequency. The result of our work an increase of 300% over the previous year when they utilized an in-house program.

Additionally, the hospital was so pleased with our branding campaign we were able to work on the reaming of the hospital and subsequent branding campaign.

Goal: Develop a new identity for a family practice and increase the patient base.

An established group of physicians decided to join together to form a new family practice group. Needing a new name, brand, and marketing program, the group chose to work with Conach. After several rounds of name concepts, logo designs, and revisions the group was able to select the final brand. We then launched the lead generation campaign to increase the patient count. After the first six months of the program, the group had accepted 300 new patients.

Goal: Help launch a new pediatric practice.

A new physician had moved to the area to begin a new practice. With no patients, she hired us to help develop a lead generation program to build her patient base. After four months of the year-long program, the new physician had nearly 100 new patients.

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From our advertising agency in Saginaw Michigan, Conach Marketing Group serves a wide range of healthcare clients. The healthcare marketing case studies we have garnered reflect the success we have had in several area s of the medical industry.