Our financial marketing case studies

One of our areas of specialty is as a financial marketing agency. Because of this experience, we have several financial marketing case studies of our results for clients. The following are a few based on the client’s goals.

Goal: Assist a branch office of an international accounting firm with design services

A branch office of a global accounting firm was using an in-house graphic designer. When the designer left, it approached hired us to provide design services. Because the client worked with us under our Design Bundled Services, we provide services at a significant cost reduction compared to an in-house designer.

Another critical point is that we can meet all of their needs while and more because of the experience we bring. As a result of our work for the client, other branch offices have noticed our design work, and we are now working across the country.

Goal: Strengthen brand identity and penetrate more into targeted markets

An accounting firm with a six-decade history in the region had seen stagnant growth for several years. We implemented a plan to refresh their out-dated brand and a lead generation campaign to set appointments for the partners. Over the years, this client has grown in select markets, such as agriculture and non-profit.

As a Sales and Marketing Bundled Services client, we were able to react quickly when new government regulations came out to promote their audit services. The direct mail and call campaign resulted in several appointments and audit sales.

Goal: Develop a target marketing program

A regional accounting firm had experienced flat growth for several years. Joining our financial marketing clients as a Sales and Marketing Bundled Services client, we were able to develop and launch a program quickly. This goal was accomplished even though the client’s marketing consisted of a website only.

It was determined that a plan that targeted specific markets would produce the best results. First, we developed new sales material and website highlighting the markets. Next, we launched a lead generation plan that produced an average of 35% response rate and steady growth for the first time in years.

Goal: Launch a new financial advisor firm

A former client was starting a financial advising firm. Pleased with our past work, we were hired to develop the items needed to launch the new business. After our discovery phase, we began to create the logo and messages. Next, we were able to move onto the sales material and website. Because of our prior relationship, the new firm was ready to launch within its three-month schedule.

Goal: Create a new brand and marketing program

A local financial advisory firm had not updated its brand in decades. First, we were able to refresh its brand. Refining the messages was a challenge because of the regulations governing financial advisors. Working closely with the client, the new messaging was completed. Once that part of the plan was completed, work began on the sales material and website. As a result, the client enjoys a new brand and an active awareness program.

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