Testimonials about our construction marketing agency

Because one of our focuses is as a construction marketing agency, it always pleases us to receive positive feedback from our clients. The following are a few construction marketing testimonials about the marketing services we have provided in our careers.

Pumford Construction See case study

“During the period of time in which Pumford Construction grew from 10 million dollars in annual sales to 50 million per year, we engaged Paul to help us create an efficient and effective marketing program. At the time, we were re-engineering the company to take advantage of our strengths and shore up our weaknesses. Because of this reorganization, we needed to get the right message to the right customers at the right time.

It is important to realize; Paul recommended we try methods that contractors had not used before. Some of the tactics were videos and brochures that targeted each niche market as a stand-alone specialty. Paul helped us manage the process with creativity, but adhered to the budget. In the end, what made the difference, was his understanding of the result. Paul understood our business, our unique strengths, the psychology of the buyer, and crafted messages that spoke to our most probable customer. The results speak for themselves.” Mark Pumford

Moyle Companies See case study

“I would highly recommend Conach. I would tell referrals to expect extreme professional, but with a sense of humor that makes Conach easy to work with. As a result of working with Conach, we have been able to get our name out to the markets we serve.

I always feel horrible when I have to call or email Mike and tell him I need five or ten case studies for various presentations and he only has a day or two to do it. However, he always jumps right in and puts them together at such a high level of quality that I do not need to spend much time reviewing them. First and foremost, Conach is always willing to jump on whatever project we need completed…no matter what the timeline. It’s that flexibility that really shows me Conach’s dedication to their clients.” Elizabeth Orwin, Former Project Manager

Spence Brothers

“Paul brings to the arena a rare blend of raw talent and top-notch technical/scientific know-how for marketing. His most impressive quality is the ability to take a simple idea and augment it into a complete marketing image and strategy. In case you are undecided, there is no mistake in engaging Paul in your project if you seek timeless, effective, and measurable results.” Kevin Leitz, Marketing/Business Development Director

Serenus Johnson Construction

“We chose Conach Marketing Group to provide marketing services for our 90th Anniversary celebration this summer. Because we worked with Paul Kowalski and Mike Selk in the past years our expectations and confidence were high. Furthermore, we were confident we would be able to achieve our goal of a first class, innovative program with attention to detail and high quality. All of our expectations were met, which was no surprise to us!

Their professionalism can be seen in the fact that Conach met all of the established goals and deadlines and followed through as promised in all areas. For example, Conach faced an unexpected challenge of the date of the anniversary being moved up one week. No problem for us, as Conach was able to accelerate their efforts to meet the new date! We very much appreciate their “can do” attitude and the way they gently and tactfully nudge us along to provide the necessary information to perform their work in a timely fashion. Their instructions to us were clear as to what we needed to provide them and the goals clearly communicated.

We continue to get compliments from business friends and customers even now of how memorable our event was. To summarize, the video presentation and brochure Conach created have made a lasting impression on those that attended – precisely what we were hoping to achieve! We are pleased to highly recommend Conach Marketing Group to anyone!” Thomas A. Johnson, President

SunGlo Services

“Conach Marketing Group provides a full spectrum of marketing solutions for SunGlo. The services include brand development, web design and management, Internet marketing and development of sales materials. We have a great new logo design, sales material, and a more significant social media presence, which we feel will have a positive impact on our top and bottom line.

When you work with Conach, you can expect a highly collaborative relationship. Mike and Paul bring a lot of expertise to the table. That experience, balanced with an approach that uncovers our needs and goals, has been highly beneficial for SunGlo. In addition to their professionalism, they are great guys and fun to work with.

As a small business, we often need sales and marketing help quickly. Conach turns projects around very fast and with creativity and quality.” Matt Guerin, Former Director of Sales & Marketing

“ SunGlo has been working with Paul & Mike since 2007, and I have nothing but high praise for their work. During that time, Conach has assisted SunGlo with a number of projects over the past few years. These projects include the redesign of our logo, company brochures, and website. In addition, they provide SunGlo with a monthly newsletter and manage our email blasts.

It seems that I am always calling on them for a project. Conach’s expertise has been creating sell sheets, direct mail campaigns, and specialty brochures, just to name a few. I am always pleased with how quickly and professionally an idea is turned into a marketing campaign. Their advice on who we are trying to reach and the most effective way to do so, guides SunGlo’s overall marketing plan. In fact, the knowledge they possess about all types of advertising has lead SunGlo Services in a positive direction.” Traci Morgan, Former Marketing Coordinator

ABC Greater Michigan

“The words that come to mind when we think of Conach are creative, flexible, quick, affordable. They are professionals that yield excellent results. The image of our association is elevated because of the quality of our communications, marketing pieces, and press releases.

Conach checks their egos at the door, ensuring the best quality on each project. It is so valuable to have a comfortable back and forth communication to tweak projects. Conach makes sure that they really understand what their customers do and whom they are trying to reach with just the right message. Beyond the improved image, the awareness of our association has grown through the campaigns they have orchestrated. The evidence is the fact that the traffic to our website has gone from under 100 visitors per month to nearly 400.”Lynn McCarty, Former Director of Member Services

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From our Saginaw Michigan office, Conach serves Michigan and the entire US as a construction marketing agency. We have worked with over 40 commercial construction companies, contractors, and trades and are proud of the construction marketing testimonials we have received.