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We provide a number of clients with customized projects to support their lead generation, sales and internal marketing programs:

Strategy…the who, what, and how to reach prospects

To determine who are your most profitable prospects, what matters to them, and how to reach them, you need a strategy. To help clients develop an effective one we focus on:


Our in-depth and detailed discovery process helps us to understand the best way to promote your company, connect with the chosen target markets, and persuade decision makers. We have decades of experience planning and implementing cost effective, proactive small business marketing campaigns to build awareness, increase leads and improve conversion rates.

Branding and messaging

Whether it’s a new company name, logo or mascot, it must make the right impression on prospects. Successful branding is more than your image; it is developing core and target market messages that will give prospects compelling reasons to choose you over the competition.

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Lead Generation …from warm leads to closing the sale

Now that you have your sales and marketing plan set, it’s time to start getting leads. In addition to creating the lead generation material and managing the campaign, our in-house lead generation services cover:

Inside Sales Calls

Even though we are an advertising agency, our marketing services don’t stop at developing advertisements. Our Support Sales System provides sales call campaigns to reach prospects one-on-one for increased response. During the sales calls, if we find a prospect that has an immediate need we will contact you that day. To support your sales team, in addition to making the initial prospecting call, we can send the response package and make the follow up call to set the appointment.

E-bulletin Campaigns

Regular contact with current customers is often overlooked as part of sales strategy. We employ e-bulletin campaigns for the majority of our clients targeting their current/past customers and interested prospects. We will create a custom e-bulletins using your brand and then facilitate this affordable Internet campaign to help drive repeat business, higher referral rates, new projects, and to drive traffic to your website.

Social Media

The biggest challenge for most clients isn’t setting up a social media presence; it’s keeping it active by developing content. We help our clients develop or research content that can be used to keep your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blog active. We then post content on an established schedule. This activity not only engages followers, it also helps increase search engine ranking.

Direct Mail Campaigns

When we plan a direct mail campaign it is not a shotgun approach. It is a very targeted, small campaign using postcards, folded mailers or multiple piece packages. We can work within your budget to develop a minimal quarterly campaign, a teaser campaign, or monthly campaign to produce results.

Online & Print Advertisements

Utilizing trade publications to run online and print advertising is still an effective way to drive visitors to your website, build brand recognition, and gather leads. We can help research the best publications for an advertising campaign within a workable budget. Once we have established the budget and schedule we can create the series of online and print ads and then manage the campaign for you.

Trade Show Programs

Simply showing up at a trade show isn’t enough. In addition to designing displays and show material, we help our clients develop pre and post show programs. The pre-show program drives people to your booth using various tactics, such as emails, direct mail, online advertisements, and promotions. Post show programs help to follow up with the leads gathered at the show and build the relationship. It is implementing these two sales support programs that can make the difference in a show that produces results and one that doesn’t.

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Sales Material…the tools to support your team

Once you’ve engaged prospects, you need a sales toolbox of material to respond, communicate, pre-sell, cross sell and ultimately close the sale.

We create a variety of print and digital sales tools that your team can draw on, or when needed, create on-demand material to respond to specific opportunities. Our sales support material includes:

Response material

From the initial response to leads to additional follow up material that builds the relationship with the potential customer. Our sales tools not only tell a prospect what you have to sell, but promotes the value of buying your product or service.

Presentations and proposals

Whether it’s Power Point or Prezi, we create presentations that can be customized by your in-house sales team. Our proposal templates are developed to connect with individual target markets and present critical information while reminding prospects why to choose you over competitors.

Video Production

We regularly produce videos for our clients using live footage, photography and animation. Videos can be powerful sales support tools at sales presentations, trade shows, on YouTube or streamed onto your website. The videos we have produced have had a variety of focuses, including capabilities, product, customer testimonials and target market.


A website can have many roles for a company: silent salesperson, information guide, portal for communication, e-commerce store, operational tool, and many more. In addition to your requirements, we bring the experience of developing hundreds of websites to your project. All of the websites we build use the latest best practices for organic search engine optimization, navigation and visitor experience. Each site has a content management system for easy updates and is responsive for mobile device accessibility.

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From our advertising agency in Saginaw Michigan, Conach Marketing Group serves clients throughout the United States. We specialize in business-to-business marketing and sales for construction, financial, technological and industrial marketing.