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An outsourced solution at a fraction of the cost

The majority of our clients work with us on a monthly bundled services basis. Why? Because it provides the level of small business marketing services needed to support their new business development goals at an affordable price. Our bundled marketing services costs are approximately a quarter to half of the cost of hiring an employee…for which you receive a team of professionals with decades of experience and knowledge in copywriting, design, marketing, advertising, and sales services. Our Bundled Services come in four flexible and customizable options:

Bundled Sales and Marketing Services

This bundled services option allows us to act as your outsourced marketing division. It is structured to achieve your goals through prioritized projects, as well as offering the flexibility to react to unplanned marketing opportunities. The comprehensive sales and marketing services could include strategy and planning, message development and material design, brand creation and management, lead generation and inside sales calls, website and Internet, print material, sales presentations, publication advertisements, press releases, trade show, video, and ongoing coaching – simply put for one affordable monthly price you receive all of our custom services.

Bundled Lead Generation Services

If you have your sales material and website in order, but are not generating enough leads, our Bundled Lead Generation Services is the answer. We develop and implement a proven lead generation program that produces from 8% to 25% new leads per month for our clients. The program could include direct mail, e-bulletins, trade show, advertisements, and our Support Sales System inside sales calls.

Bundled Design Services

If you have the in-house capabilities to develop your new business development strategy, but need assistance with the development of its components, such as direct mail, advertising, brochures or website, this option provides the professional services of our writers, designers and webmasters without the additional strategy, lead generation and sales services of the Sales & Marketing Bundled Services. This bundled services option includes the copy writing (if needed), concept development, design, vendor management, and campaign implementation.

Bundled Consulting Marketing Services

You’ve hired an in-house designer or webmaster, but need help developing your marketing strategy, advertising campaigns or advice on the development of your sales and marketing material. The Consulting Bundled Services option provides consultation on a strategic branding, advertising campaigns, and sales support material from seasoned, objective professionals.

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Located in Saginaw Michigan, Conach serves Michigan and the entire US. Specializing in sales services, we have worked with a wide range of clients providing small business marketing and sales support. While we work with a variety of clients, we specialize in construction sales and industrial marketing.