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Construction Sales Support System

From full service commercial construction to specialized trade contractors, Conach has worked with over forty construction clients in our careers. With over twenty-five years of experience building construction sales, we know how to help you transition from hard bid to negotiated projects, increase the number of contracts you are awarded, or help break into new markets – even if you never have worked in them.

Because we understand General Contracting, Construction Management, Design Build, Leaseback, Brownfield Redevelopment and Niche Marketing, we can fast track our sales and marketing services. With our extensive knowledge of the construction industry and construction marketing, we can deliver more cost effective lead generation and sales programs that gain results more quickly.

Modeling our agency after the Design Build delivery method, we are your single source for marketing services that cover strategy, development and implementation. While we oversee and create the components of your program in-house, we also work with a network of skilled trades who specialize in their various fields. Our construction marketing experience includes commercial construction, HVAC contractors, mechanical contractors, electrical contractors, excavating contractors, concrete contractors and roofing contractors.

Construction Marketing Case Studies

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Commercial Construction Clients we have worked with in our careers:

  • Allied Mechanical
  • Bierlein Demolition
  • Blue Badger Excavating
  • Dynamic Piping
  • Friendswood Contracting
  • Eagle Construction
  • Gerace Construction
  • Gohm Restoration
  • Graco Building Corporation
  • Griffith Construction
  • Gregory Construction
  • Gundlach Champion
  • Hammer Restoration
  • Jackson Sprinkler
  • Jeffrey Carr Construction
  • JD Laundra Foundations
  • JP Painting
  • Merritt Contracting
  • Metal Tech Building
  • Michiana Construction
  • Midwest Energy
  • Milbrand Roofing
  • Morrow Roofing
  • Moyle Companies
  • New England Construction
  • Nuway Construction
  • O’Brien Construction
  • Optare Services
  • Peregrine Developers
  • Pumford Construction
  • Reb Construction
  • Remer Plumbing & Heating
  • RCL Construction
  • RL White Development
  • Serenus Johnson Construction
  • Specialty Industries
  • Spence Brothers
  • SunGlo Services
  • Systemp
  • The Nay Company
  • TNC Construction
  • Versatile Commercial Flat Roofing
  • Weathershield Roofing
  • Whaley Steel
  • Woodruff Contracting
  • Wolgast Corporation

Conach is a Saginaw Michigan advertising agency providing mid-sized and small business marketing. While located in Mid-Michigan, we offer manufacturing sales services, commercial, financial marketing, construction marketing, and software marketing programs across the country.