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Goal: Develop new corporate image and promotions

Needing to develop a new corporate image and promotions, a travel agency worked with us to develop a program to separate them from the competition. The message “For a good time call…” was developed and graphically displayed on a brick wall. Results of the program were an increase in calls to the client and the winner of a Billboard Campaign of the Year Award.

Goal: Develop a corporate image and sales material.

A sales training consulting firm approached us to develop a corporate image and sales material. The new corporate image has been carried through their website and Internet newsletter campaigns.

Goal: Develop a marketing program to expand nationally and into specialty markets.

A security officer company was looking to expand their national services and develop divisions to target specific markets. We began by updating their brand and messaging, sales material and website, and then launched an inside sales campaign. The result has allowed them to expand throughout the country and beyond, as well as landing several large national chain accounts.

The company had developed a specialty market in hospital security programs, but had not successfully taken it to market. We created a brand for the division that coincided with the corporate brand and took it to market with an inside sales campaign similar to the national one. Since launching the campaign, they have secured several hospital accounts, as well as expanding outside of their normal sales territory.

Goal: Develop a branding and promotions strategy.

The need to compete with national chains is a challenge many local business owners face. We helped an owner of an office product store develop a strategy and implement a program that helped drive sales to various divisions in the company under one umbrella brand.

Goal: Develop a marketing program to reduce costs while still reaching a national target market.

An aviation insurance agency needed to continue to reach their target market across the country, while reducing their marketing budget. We developed a program that updated all their marketing material and website. We were able to replace their in-house direct mail campaign with a yearlong campaign that reached the same number of prospects while saving the client nearly 40% in annual costs. The result was an increase in lead activity and market awareness in regions the company had not penetrated before.

We are also helping them with an inside sales campaign that consists of a regional direct mail and calls, as well as a campaign that takes advantage of variable data direct mail. The variable data direct mail campaign was developed to help set appointments in cities where the firm’s representatives were traveling to meet with current clients. Postcards with the specific city’s skyline were developed with the name of each prospect company named inserted by variable data software. Calls were then made to the targeted companies to set up sales appointments over the four day period the representative was in the area – this resulted in several meetings being set with new prospective clients each city we ran the campaign.

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