Conach Marketing Group has successfully brought our Fortune 100 experience in marketing and lead generation to small business, B2B clients. With the growing trend in remote work, the continuing challenge in hiring, and expanding demand for outsourced services, we created our sales development services to be an outsourced sales division. We offer the complete sales process or any level you need, including:

  • Prospecting
  • Appointment setting
  • Making presentations
  • Closing the sale

Less Cost

With our outsourced sales development services, you can have higher-level talent and experience without the overhead of full-time employment, onboarding or offboarding. You don’t have to choose between “affordable” and “capable” by contracting high-level sales talent at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, you only pay for the sales service you need when you need it. Whether short-term management, long-term management, or project-based, you can customize the engagement to your needs.

More Time

The last thing most owners or key management need is to spend time training and supervising a salesperson. With our outsourced sales development services, we do the training and management. Whether it’s attending a presentation meeting or developing the proposal, we only involve you or your team based on our agreed process.

Onboarding Our Sales Development Services

In our first meeting, we will conduct a sales audit consisting of:

  • Product/service offering overview
  • Sales performance reports
  • Sales process (receive a sales process walkthrough with typical objections)
  • Sales tools (response materials, presentations, case studies/testimonials, discovery documents, pricing schedules, proposals, contracts, SFA/CRM system and customer/prospect data, etc.)
  • Target markets (industry verticals, current customer demographics, etc.)
  • Discuss KPIs
  • Decide where in the process you wish us to either involve or handoff the sale to a company representative, and internal contact resources
  • Agree on the level of our service engagement: 1. Prospecting, 2. appointment setting, 3. Presentation, or 4. close

Our second meeting on our sales development services will consist of

  • Our training (to sell the product/services)
  • Q&A based on our review of first meeting output
  • Initial set of test prospects for us to engage 

Implementing Our Sales Development Services

  • Implementing our sales development services
  • We will then launch the sales development services and establish contact cadence (conducted by our Project Manager directly)
  • Initially, we’ll need quick access to our internal coach/representative for questions/issues we encounter)
  • Then ongoing we will do either 1x month checkpoint meetings or every other month checkpoint meetings (depending on the scope of the project)
  • These meetings will cover activity review, KPI reporting, Notes, Feedback, Q&A, etc.
  • Ongoing, you will receive all sales reporting and have the opportunity at any point to meet with the PM for your project
  • After a set number of weeks/months (depending on the scope of the project) we will then conduct “train the trainer” with our sales team to execute the transfer of sales activities from our Project Manager to your designated New Business Development Representative.

Unlike other services, we don’t simply set several meetings with semi-interested contacts that waste your time and money. We focus on finding you new business that turns into relationships that lead to long term repeat sales.

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