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With decades of experience in marketing services to grow construction sales, Conach has several success stories. Here are a few broken down by the goal of the sales campaign:

Case Studies Goal: Cross sell various services across their customer base.

Client One

A commercial roofer out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the client wanted to increase repair services. A program was developed to cross sell both services by promoting their repair services through an on-demand mail program that was triggered immediately after the area experienced significant rainfall. This “back door” sales strategy helped grow both the new construction and service division.

Client Two

Well known as a mechanical contractor, the client became aware that they suffered from “I didn’t know you did that” syndrome… a problem where the majority of their customers were not aware of all the services they provided. A response package system was developed that allowed them to promote their core marketing message, identify their complete services plus customize each package to the specific service in which the customer expressed interest. The technique of “back door” selling was employed, allowing the client to establish new customer relationships for other divisions through their HVAC service and maintenance programs.

Client Three

Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the client had the unique challenge of cross selling their two divisions on a national level. The professionalism and complete capabilities of the company needed to be presented, plus provide the ability to conduct remote sales presentations showcasing the various properties they owned across the state. We developed an interactive section of their website that drills down through animation from a state to county to city to site location allowing them to discuss projects with out-of-state customers in real time. The client has reported to us that their national customers are impressed with the site, saying it is unique in their experience.

Case Studies Goal: Promote new delivery methods and trade services.

Client One

A long time Pre-Engineered builder in the industrial market, the client wanted to combine this experience with their new Design Build services. A message was developed promoting the flexibility of pre-engineered buildings with a Design Build approach and promoted through direct marketing and response material. The result allowed the company to enter into new markets such as retail, education and professional office markets.

Client Two

An excavation company originally asked us to create a program that cross sold their excavating, pipe and supply divisions Once that project was completed we were asked by the client to add and promote their new horizontal directional drilling capabilities. We were able to do this throughout Michigan and as far as Florida resulting in a number of new customers for our client.

Client Three

Located in Rhode Island, a general contractor needed to re-brand their company to promote their new Design Build in-house services. We began working with them to design a new logo and corporate image that reflect the complete services they were now offering. Once that was established, we developed a marketing program that included direct mail, brochures, project sheets, website and video presentation. Through implementation of this program, the company was ranked in the TopTen of the Fastest Growing Companies in Rhode Island for two consecutive years.

Case Studies Goal: Break into new niche markets and expand the client’s customer base.

Client One

Having successfully branded the Rhode Island client as a Design Build provider, we were asked to help them break into the church construction market. The unique challenge was that they had never built a church. Drawing on our experience in marketing construction services to churches, we were able to develop a program that resulted in the client building the first two churches in their history.

Client Two

This Mid-Michigan based company had primarily worked in the industrial market for sixty years. With the activity in the church and medical construction, they wanted to aggressively target these markets. To accomplish this we developed marketing programs that included direct mail, brochures, project sheets, website and video presentations that were focused on each niche market. The result was significant growth in these markets with dozens of new projects and the largest project for the client up to that time, a $16,000,000 church project.

Client Three

Primarily serving the industrial market in Goshen Indiana, the client needed to expand its customer base. We developed niche marketing messages for professional offices delivered though an integrated program of direct mail, micro-websites, follow-through calls, response material and presentations. The result was the client being able to penetrate the professional office market. We are now expanding this program into the Retail Center market.

Case Study Goal: Develop a new brand with corporate and target market messages to compete against larger competitors

A well-established local construction company was looking to break into target markets that would allow them to secure larger contracts, such as national retail, restaurant and large school districts. After reviewing their current material, we determined that their present brand was not comparable to the national and regional construction companies they were competing against. We upgraded their brand, both in image and messaging, and implemented it into a lead generation and sales program.

The results were the client being awarded their first large school district project, – an over $17 million CM contract – while in direct competition with a larger national construction company. The client was also able to secure a long-term contract to retrofit the restaurants statewide of one of the country’s largest fast food chains. Over the course of four years utilizing the program their sales grew from $40 million to nearly $200 million.

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Conach Marketing Group is located in Saginaw Michigan and provides B2B marketing programs to build industrial, financial, technological and construction sales. Though we are a Mid-Michigan advertising agency, we work with clients across the country to increase sales.