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From large accounting firms to individual financial advisors, social media needs to be part of your marketing strategy. However, there are myriad of social media sites available to implement into your financial marketing program. The trick is selecting the ones that will have the most benefit. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube are the platforms we recommend for our clients. The following reviews each platform and the best way to utilize each.

Whether you are a job shop, tier two supplier, or OEM, social media can be a viable part of an industrial marketing strategy. What you need to decide is which of the multiple social media sites are the best to implement into your marketing program. The trick is selecting the ones that will have the most benefit. For our industrial clients, we recommend Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Let’s review each platform and how best utilize them.

When social media came onto the marketing scene, it didn’t seem to fit into B2B marketing. As it has evolved, it has become a tactic that should be added to business-to-business marketing strategies. The social media sites available for your program are numerous, but which are the best for construction marketing? We recommend our construction clients consider Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram. These platforms align well with the nature of a construction company’s services and resources to keep them active. Let’s look at the recommended platforms and how to make the best use of each. When using it in a construction marketing program, you should evaluate the following:

Advertising is an essential factor in creating brand recognition in a financial marketing program. And top-of-the-mind awareness is crucial in snagging clients when they decide to look for another firm or new businesses. There are several considerations you should keep in mind before implementing an advertising campaign:

A consistent advertising campaign can help a manufacturer to build brand recognition, introduce new products, and help break into new markets. From state association publications to nationwide specialty magazines, there are a plethora of advertising options to consider for industrial marketing. Let’s take a look at some factors in developing an effective campaign:

Placing advertisements is probably not the first thing you think of when considering components of a construction marketing program. However, it has its place as a way to build top-of-the-mind awareness in a geographic region and individual target markets. Let’s take a look at some advertising channels you could consider:

As anyone involved in financial marketing knows, timing is everything in finding new clients. While new businesses opening or businesses looking to change from doing their accounting in-house are potential clients, the most substantial prospect base are companies using an accounting firm that is unsatisfied with its services. These prospective clients can be very profitable, but you must reach them at the right moment. That’s where direct mail comes in. It allows you to stay in front of potential customers on a regular basis, building top-of-the-mind awareness. This tactic means they will think of you when a need arises. When you are working on your direct mail campaign, consider these factors:

One of the key factors in a successful construction marketing program is staying in front of prospective customers. No type of lead generation or sales technique will convince an owner to build a new building or addition if it’s not needed – oddly enough, I haven’t been able to convince any of the commercial construction clients I have had over the years to go for the “build one building, get one free approach.” Direct mail builds top of the mind awareness and engages prospects – if you do it correctly.

While direct mail has lost its dominance as a B2B marketing tool in our digital world, it can still be a valuable tactic for an industrial marketing program. When engaging in a mail campaign as a manufacturer, consider the following points to make it more effective.

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