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Assembling a brand that works appropriately is critical for the success of your industrial marketing program. After working with over 50 industrial clients, I have found many have neglected their brands. In today’s world of quick impressions, your brand needs to be the correct one. In this blog I’ll cover:

• Defining a brand
• Designing a brand
• Developing messages
• Creating company image
• Branding done right

Building the right brand is essential for the success of a construction marketing program. In working with many commercial construction clients, I have found that my clients face multiple competitors with a tendency to have similar brands. Presenting a distinct and correct brand is essential. In this blog I’ll discuss:

• Brand definition
• Brand design
• Brand messaging
• Company image
• Branding at work

There are several factors we consider when creating an e-mail marketing campaign for our financial marketing clients. In this blog I will review:

• E-mail marketing defined
• Opt-in lists
• E-bulletins versus e-blasts
• E-mail platforms
• Scheduling
• Developing content
• Standard e-mails

When working with e-mail marketing in an industrial marketing program, there are several factors to consider. In this blog I will review:

• The definition of e-mail marketing
• The value of opt-in lists
• The difference between E-bulletins and e-blasts
• How to use e-mail platforms
• When to send
• Developing content
• Using e-mails effectively

In this blog I will cover several key points to consider when using e-marketing in construction marketing:

• What is e-mail marketing
• What are opt-in lists
• E-bulletin versus e-mail blasts
• E-mail platforms
• Scheduling
• Content suggestions
• How to use e-mails

From large accounting firms to individual financial advisors, social media needs to be part of your marketing strategy. However, there are myriad of social media sites available to implement into your financial marketing program. The trick is selecting the ones that will have the most benefit. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube are the platforms we recommend for our clients. The following reviews each platform and the best way to utilize each.

Whether you are a job shop, tier two supplier, or OEM, social media can be a viable part of an industrial marketing strategy. What you need to decide is which of the multiple social media sites are the best to implement into your marketing program. The trick is selecting the ones that will have the most benefit. For our industrial clients, we recommend Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Let’s review each platform and how best utilize them.

When social media came onto the marketing scene, it didn’t seem to fit into B2B marketing. As it has evolved, it has become a tactic that should be added to business-to-business marketing strategies. The social media sites available for your program are numerous, but which are the best for construction marketing? We recommend our construction clients consider Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram. These platforms align well with the nature of a construction company’s services and resources to keep them active. Let’s look at the recommended platforms and how to make the best use of each. When using it in a construction marketing program, you should evaluate the following:

Advertising is an essential factor in creating brand recognition in a financial marketing program. And top-of-the-mind awareness is crucial in snagging clients when they decide to look for another firm or new businesses. There are several considerations you should keep in mind before implementing an advertising campaign:

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